Custom Converse Sneakers!

For someone else, it might be a pair of star-studded Jimmy Choos, the red soled Christian Louboutain’s, or Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolo Blahnik’s…but the second I put on a pair of black high top converse… I knew I’d found my style! (Read here about the first time I word them!)

For years these shoes have been a constant in my wardrobe that… turns out… is the chosen sneaker for multiple artists and designers out there!

I’ve had black, red, turquoise and navy… and now, I’m sporting two brand new CUSTOM made pairs from Baggins Shoes in Victoria. Made especially for me, to wear at the 2015 Blissdom Canada Conference. One pair to represent my life of trying to do it all… the other depicting the cover of my book, Full Speed Ahead.

It’s been an absolute thrill to wear each pair. The book cover being an especially important image for me as I delve into this world of self-publishing… reaching a lifelong dream of seeing my stories in print. The Wonder Woman pair… giving me that sense of “pulling up your big girl panties” when I’m doing something that makes me a little uncomfortable… ’cause let’s be honest, how uncomfortable can you be while wearing a pair of Super Hero shoes? (Note: I suddenly totally get 5 year olds and their character sneakers…except mine are way cooler!)

Baggins Shoes have a fantastic online shop carrying Converse, Vans, Herschel Bags and Heelies… and they ship worldwide. On top of that, they have a Graphic Designer on staff who happily works their Custom Print Machine and this fabulous woman named Byrdie who has been simply delightful to deal with. I’ve included a video so you can see how it works!

At Blissdom, while wearing my custom converse, several people Tweeted, Instagrammed and became friends with Baggins… each commenting how amazing my shoes were and how awesome it would be to have a custom pair themselves! I asked on FB, inquiring what you’d have printed on yours and received a ton of ideas… everyone has their own style.

And…Baggins is there to make sure you’re wearing your very own style…check them out and order a pair MADE FOR YOU…have them printed with your company logo, your favourite character or your children’s art…HEY, if Angelina Jolie can add her children’s art to her wedding veil, surely you can walk around with their art on your feet!

THANK YOU to Baggins Shoes for being so AWESOME! My shoes are FANTASTIC…and it’s so great to know that I can get any pair I every could dream of…they’re just a click away!

72 Replies to “Custom Converse Sneakers!”

  1. I think I’d let my 9yo daughter choose some of her artwork to be put on a pair of Chucks. She lives in her high tops and I know she’d LOVE to design her own pair!

  2. This is so cool! I have no idea what I’d want but it would probably my own artwork or my daughter’s artwork.

  3. I’d have my absolute favourite picture of my son and me printed onto the Converse sneakers. How cool would that be??!!

  4. I would love to bring my daughter’s first smiley face art with me everywhere I go! This is an amazing idea!

  5. These are amazing….I didn’t even realize you could get custom converse. I would probably put some of Liv’s grade primary artwork on them or let her have the win and put whatever she chooses on them. Love these!!

  6. That’s a tough one… the book cover looks fantastic on them… I might get my Twirp birds. I think that would be the most fun.

  7. There’s a picture that my daughter drew of me when she was 3. I think it would look pretty fantastic on a pair of Chucks.

  8. I’d get a pinup of me as a bondgirl. Always wanted that in a tattoo…might as well have it as a shoe!!! Either that or Evil Daffy duck.

    And baggins is THE BEST SHOE STORE EVER!!!!

  9. I would either get a Fox (cause of my nickname and my son’s name or I would let my son design them. He wants to be a graphic designer .

  10. There are so many options I would have to put them all in a hat and pick at random. love this idea. 🙂

  11. I think I would let my 18 yr old son have this win , im not sure what he would put on them but im sure it would be amazing !

  12. So hard to decide. I have a thing for all things deer, so probably something along those lines. In turquoise of course!

  13. I’d almost certainly get some vintage tattoo stylings done, how cool would that be?

  14. It’s a toss up – dogs, kids, WonderWoman? I think maybe Shrek might be the winner. Or Spiderman!

  15. That’s a tough one! I think I would work with my kids on designing something special. My husband and I have worn Converse hightops since high school days (20+ years ago), and have worn them consistently since. Both our kids have worn them since they were babies – it’s even how I told my husband we were expecting (gave him a pair of baby Chucks!). We’re slightly Converse obsessed.

  16. I would love to get All of the female marvel comic heroines on a pair!! this is to combat all the boys in the house with the male characters 😉

  17. I am turning 60 in March and want the name of my new blog on the shoes that looks like a tattoo. My tag line is 50+ and aged to perfection. I am legal age for everything and shoes have no age limit. So why not give an old girl a cool pair of shoes to wear on stage for her first speaking engagement? I want ART on my feet, cause this girl has a lot of walking to do on her Health Journey. Who should win this contest?? ————————–> THIS girl 🙂

  18. I would incorporate my blog logo that my daughter design, my son’s drawings of his own cartoon characters and something related to hockey.

    I love my Converse wear them daily, and haven’t had high top Cons since high school. 😉


  19. I would have Figaro the cat from Pinocchio printed on them. I am obsessed with him and for all the commercial promotion Disney does Figaro always gets missed. Love black and white cats of any kind!!!

  20. I would get one of my favorite quotes on a pair. They say if you fold up a note with your favorite Quote it will come true.

  21. ohhhh so many possibilities!!! I might get my logo on them – as it has pictures of my kids. Or maybe a throw back and do something retro like cabbage patch kids.

  22. I would love a pair of these and I would like a pic of fish on them because that’s what my dad and I used to do a lot before he passed away

  23. I would love to have one shoe with my 7 yo daughter’s artwork and the other with my 4 yo daughter’s – the perfect mix of fun and fashion!

  24. Owls, I’m obsessed with owls and would totally cover my new chucks in owls. It will be awesome

  25. That’s easy! Since I’m heading to Mars with the Mars One Mission soon (speak faith and positivity into your life and it will appear!), I would ask for a picture of the artist’s rendering of our space suit (see, along with a shot of the red planet… and of course… a pic of Marv the Martian. Mars One has been the most surreal experience ever. Would love to wear the most surreal high tops ever to spend my final days roaming Earth. Thanks for (maybe) granting one of my final wishes, Colleen!!!

  26. I love Baggins! The only downside is it takes me 16 years to pick out a pair because their selection is nuts.

  27. I’m torn between Preemie Power, the logos for Real Women Drive Stick or Aquhorthies Publishing or a teaser image from my new book. How to decide? I have to share this information with a few artists I know too! TY

  28. I’d get my favourite picture ever from my travels – a street in Barcelona’s Barceloneta neigbhourhood that covered with a canopy of plastic butterflies. It’s one of the most magical moments I’ve ever experienced and I will never get tired of looking at them.

  29. I would have to go with the classic Wonder Woman comic, but getting my kids toes (my blog header) would be very cool too.

  30. I think I would go for getting some of Diego Rivera’s calla lilies printed on my Converse.

  31. I think I would have to get a peacock feather on mine!

    Seriously. I would just probably die if I won this giveaway. It would be the best prize ever.

  32. I love the Wonder Woman ones, actually.

    Alternatively, I might get a map of NS printed on them.

    Or kids art.

    So many options!!

  33. I want, no I need, no I DESIRE to have a personalized set of these Chuck’s!

    I’d love a RED pair with images of each of my son’s profiles and colourful artwork.

    Such a Fab idea! Love it!

  34. I draw prints all the time, it would be awesome to be able to customize a pair of shoes with some of my artwork

  35. Fabulpus shoes and idea! I think I would like a pair designed with my logo and an Om symbol… Walking in peace:) <3

  36. I’d love an Inuyasha themed shoe!! That was my favourite anime growing up…well still is! :p

  37. My husband got custom shoes made at Baggins this past summer! If I were to choose, it would be some form of cat art (sorry but yes … I am one of those).

  38. I think I would put funny photos of us or a chevron print, depending on my mood 🙂

  39. I have no idea. I’ve been thinking about this since you posted this contest and I’m still not sure what….

    Oh I know I know I know!!! Cape Breton Tartan in the Shape of Cape Breton island! YEP on one side and then a NB Ship from the NB flag on the other. Two homes! yep! oh maybe it would be CB on one side of the shoe and then the NB Ship on the other?

    Borrowed link :

    Then again it might be the Provincial Flowers from NS and NB? Is anyone else in the comments having problems settling.

  40. I’d love to give this away as a gift to my illustrator partner, he’d make an awesome pair!

  41. These are amazing! Not going to lie I would probably try and figure out a way to incorporate my cat into mine in the least cat-lady-like way possible.

  42. Being a nurse I would definitely get something “nursey” designed on there .. I think that would be rather cool 🙂