Taking care of the little hurts with Nexcare…plus a GIVEAWAY!


Many years back, when the kids were little, I scrap-booked like there was no tomorrow. Obsessively filling their books with stories and photos…all arranged on pretty papers.

I remember getting these FANTASTIC bandage stickers that came with tiny little ambulances and stethoscopes. I COULDN’T WAIT for one of my kids to get hurt so I could snap a couple of pictures and form the story.

OH…wait a minute…that’s wrong isn’t it? (I’m talking like a tiny scrape…a wee splinter…maybe a small tumble that would cause an irrational amount of toddler tears…nothing big.)

They’re older now and it’s been eons since I purchased character bandages that were worn so proudly. Placed on a scraped knee or an invisible cut…with just the right amount of love and concern…and a kiss to make it better.

Lately, all I do is hand over a couple of Advil with a glass of water while placing an ice pack on a worn out body…one too many knocks in front of the goalie net or an over extension of a hip flexor during practice. No kisses…just ice.

I received a package full of adhesive pads, dressings, tape, bright-colored bandages, skin crack repair and acne absorbing covers to name a few of the items in a box stuffed full of Nexcare Brand products that arrived at my door! Now, I’m just waiting for one of my kids to fall while running, maybe for one of them to reach into a hockey bag and skim their finger with a skate blade, possibly get hit with a volleyball or trip over their ever-growing feet…just so I can use my fancy new products…wrap them ever so gently and finish it off with a kiss to make it better!


In the meantime, whilst we’re awaiting an injury, the folks at Nexcare have generously provided another box of Nexcare Products (valued at approximately $80), for me to giveaway to one lucky reader…so you’re completely prepared for everyday cuts, scrapes and minor wounds too!

It’s simple to enter, just fill in the form below…make sure to visit the Nexcare website, review the products and comment on THIS POST letting us know one of the products you could have used on a small wound you’ve had to deal with (spare some of the details…my knees get weak at the sight of blood!) While the comment is mandatory, you can get bonus entries as outlined on the form. Contest ends on November 10th, 2014. The winner will have 48 hours to respond and Nexcare will ship your order to you. This giveaway is open to residents of Canada, 18+ (excluding Quebec). All entries are verified.

Good luck and THANKS to Nexcare for stocking my medicine cabinet!

14 Replies to “Taking care of the little hurts with Nexcare…plus a GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Love love the Nexcare Waterproof Blister bandages they not only heal your blister quickly but they help with the pain, especially when my son had new hockey skates to break in this is the only product I will use!

  2. I remember one time when Ben was quite young, he ran over his pinkie with his skateboard (yes, that is possible!) and I rushed home from work because he phoned me to tell me that he’d torn off most of the fingernail. Ewwwww! We covered it with Tegaderm waterproof dressing and it healed it no time at all without infections. Yay for Nexcare!

  3. I buy the Liquid Bandage all the time. It is great on those small cuts in strange places that do not like regular bandaids. It covers our injuries and heals quickly. I would recommend this product to anyone

  4. I could’ve used the Heavy Duty Fabric Bandages in the circle shape for some blisters that I get on my hands from time to time.

  5. I like the bright band-aids….but that would just highlight how massive of a klutz I really am. 🙂

  6. I’ve never tried NexCare but I would love to after reading your blog Ms. Queen! This is actually my first time here and I read some of your blogs also and I fount it pretty interesting.. 🙂 If you’re interested to visit our website (Kids Toys and Stuff) and check it out if you would love to write a review.. Thanks

  7. I dont know about everyone else but I still feel that if I need a bandage I like colour in mine 🙂 they make me feel better

  8. They have the absolute BEST and most effective waterproof bandages. PERFECT for kids in summer, when swimming is not going to NOT happen. 😉

    If there’s water, we swim. Scrapes and cuts covered and safe.

    They also make great character and non character products. Something for everyone.

  9. I am all about the liquid bandage! As a massage therapist it covers my little cuts without having to out on a bandaid that gets in the way when massaging and using lotion
    Great product!