“We have nothing to eat!”

It’s possible I’ve heard “we have nothing to eat” one too many times.

I wander those aisles in the grocery store. I try my best to pick out a mixture of healthy foods and snacks the kids can grab quickly…things I can make on a time crunch knowing I’m rushing between sports and work…trying to fit it all in…keep everyone satisfied.

One…usually not liking what’s placed in front of them her.

So, I thought I’d try something a little different.

Last night, when I picked Spiderman and Bones up from their weekend with their father, I pulled in front of the supermarket and parked despite the moans of “I’m waiting in the car” and “I hate the supermarket.”

I made them come in with me and handed each a basket. They had a task. They were to pick out between 10 and 12 items. ANYTHING they wanted. I was giving no guidance and really didn’t care what they purchased…heck walk up the make-up or magazine aisle and fill your boots…I didn’t care! All I asked…was they were to consider what they thought we might need for breakfast, lunch and dinner…and I had no intention of buying any more groceries until the weekend.


It took them forever. The poor dears couldn’t choose. Couldn’t pick. Didn’t know what everyone would like. Didn’t know if they were buying the right things or the wrong things. Asked for help. Found me multiple times in the supermarket aisles while I was picking my ten items…to tell me they didn’t know what to get and this was way harder than it looked.

Do two tomatoes count as one item or two?

Do we have sour cream at home?

How much milk was left in the fridge?

I smiled.

In the end, Spiderman has a meal planned that I can’t eat due to allergies but I’ll eat something different that night! He also planned a few things for school lunches…purchased a type of lettuce I’ve never purchased before…bought a lot of juice and Dad’s Root Beer…and…he picked the dog up a few treats.

Side note: I observed him standing in front of the flower section for quite some time looking at all of the arrangements and trying to pick one out… I guess, in the end, he figured his stomach…and the dog…were more important!

Bones managed to get her very favourite Miss Vicki’s Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips and some crazy ice cream sundae thing with balls of toffee inside. She also purchased more juice, strawberries, grapes, Eggo waffles and everything needed to make tacos.

Me…I grabbed a frozen lasagna, a cooked chicken, a pork roast and all the trimmings along with milk, apples, bacon, tea bags and bread.

I’m not sure how this week of meals is going to got except for one thing…if anyone complains we’ve got nothing to eat, it’s definitely not my fault!

3 Replies to ““We have nothing to eat!””

  1. I love this idea. I’m going to try this here. I took 1 of mine out on Saturday afternoon and we came back 300.00 poorer with only 4 planned meals for 2wks., I still have to go to costco.! ACK!

  2. Brilliant!

    What a difference it makes when the kids have to be a part of the team, eh? I think it’s adorable that Spiderman contemplated flowers. Adorable! And hey! You know you would have encouraged his practicality. Sweet!

    I, obviously, support Bones’ choice of tacos! 😀

    I love this!