My creepy kids…

Bones and Spiderman at 7 and 8…when I could still enjoy watching TV with them.

I was 16 when Nightmare on Elm Street came to the theatres.

Despite not really wanting to go, I caved to peer pressure and headed to Oxford Theatre with a couple of girlfriends. I watched the horror flick through fingers that were pressed in front of my eyes while my girlfriend next to me kept punching my leg repeatedly.

By the time Freddy Krueger had sufficiently creeped me out, I came out of the theatre vowing I’d never watch another horror flick again.

There are a whack of things I’m fearful of but I’ve tried not to pass them down to my kids! And, as far as horror movies go…THEY LOVE THEM!

Remember the blog post where my kids thought we’d start watching The Walking Dead together? I think I lasted three shows!

Blood, guts, gore, zombies, freaky things that jump out at you…power tools that are used to chop up body party…seriously not my thing!

But, Bones and Spider-man are huge fans of absolutely everything that goes bump in the night and with Netflix carrying a great number of horror films that please them, they’re giving their recommendations for a fantastic Halloween weekend full of gore and guts and freakiness!

Again…I don’t recommend you watch these! It’s been 30 years and Freddy Krueger still pops into my dreams from time to time.

  1. Paranormal Activity
  2. Saw
  3. The Walking Dead
  4. Dexter (Spiderman’s current addiction that’s freaking me out completely.)
  5. Chernobyl Diaries
  6. Amityville Haunting
  7. Human Centipede (which Spider-man said was completely gross.)
  8. Insidious

Happy Halloween…from me and my creepy kids!

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