Dine by Design East…

I saw my very first TOAST WALL…laid out on panels, created using a blow torch…designed to depict the infamous tongue-face of Ms. Miley Cyrus!



Sponsored by East Coast Living, Dine by Design East opened its doors on Thursday night with events running through to Sunday. Local designers came together with local chefs and MASTERPIECES have been created.

Proceeds from Thursday evening’s Dine by Design Gala, went to the Amber Harkins Memorial Scholarship Fund…a scholarship for NSCAD Design Students. Amber was a Graphic Designer and Editor of East Coast Living Magazine, who lost her battle with cancer two years ago, at the age of 40. Her love of Art, Food and Friendship came together at the Gala in spectacular style!

I perused the rooms…ate the food…chit chatted with various Halifolk while drinking the most amazing beer cocktail imaginable (created by The Middle Spoon and containing a mixture of Vodka, Orange Liquor, Bitter Almond Liquor, Earl Grey syrop, fresh squeezed lemon juice, Raspberry Beer, fresh berries and magic!)

I’ve attached a few photos for you to see but honestly, you MUST go yourself. Dine by Design is open to the public all weekend. Click here for event information.

My favorite room of the night was by Wave Interiors…just the perfect amount of turquoise and yellow with four super cozy chairs around the dining room table. A setting that would make you want to sit back and enjoy the company of friends for hours on end.

Best food of the night in my humble opinion was absolutely everything at Kitchen Door Catering! Fish and chips with the most wonderful Frites that tasted like home-made hickory chips, to-die-for seafood chowder with these itty bitty tasty yummy biscuits…and a GINGERBREAD TREE! I asked Chef Brad Wammes if he could make a money tree since he did such a great job at a gingerbread tree…and he laughed an incredibly hearty laugh! (Something tells me that he’s found the secret!)

Along with the Toast Wall, I was blown away with Attica’s display including Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup and Roy Lichtenstein’s Ben-Day Dot Technique (that took multiple hours to make.) I shouldn’t have been surprised as both Suzanne Saul and Christopher Joyce, owners of Attica Home Furnishings, hold Design Degrees from NSCAD…and I gotta say, they did us Designers proud!

Probably my favourite dessert (which is ironic because their Salty Carmel Tart in their restaurant is one of my favourites as well), was Morris East with their Cheesecake S’mores!

I was impressed with Design 360…the idea behind their room was about a simpler time…community…getting back to our roots. All items in the room will be donated to Hope Blooms including the herbs laid out in the rows of dirt on the floor.

I also greatly enjoyed the Fish Shack inspired room by Sappho Griffin of Hen House. It was so nice to see her work again as I completely miss her shop at the Hydrostone Market. She has an amazing eye for detail. I’m on her mailing list…and hope to someday have her design a cabinet just for me!

Jonathan Legate, co-founder of Dine by Design, explained that the inspiration behind his room was “collections” and how to display them. We all have them and at times, we boarder on hoarding! I got a great charge out of the KFC piece in his room as to be completely honest, if I dug through my storage room hard enough…I’d probably find an original bucket or two!

I’ve shown a SMALL sampling of the Designers and Chefs that were paired together to create this amazing event. It was a wonderful night where my belly was filled and my creative mind was completely stuffed.

If you’ve a bit of time this weekend, drop by Dine by Design at the Olympic Community Centre on Hunter Street in Halifax. On Saturday afternoon (1pm), there will be a seminar titled “Avant Garde Cuisine and Art” with chef Luis Clavel (who made the most amazing Tiramisu imaginable). On Sunday afternoon (1pm), there’s a special presentation titled “Design Secrets REVEALED!” with designer and television personality Meredith Heron.

Don’t miss out! This event is really something to see.


Disclaimer: I was given tickets to the Dine by Design Gala by the organizers of the event. It was FANTASTIC that they took the opportunity to invite local bloggers and I thank them for including me! All opinions are my own.