Best of Halifax…


When I was young, I was REALLY good at hula-hooping.

I’d start at my neck, turning the hoop with one hand while flicking my head back and forth like a chicken. Eventually, I’d strategically put one arm in the hole being careful not to off-balance the hoop…then add the next. I’d slowly weave my body back and forth until the hoop went down to my waist where I’d keep it going…round and round…until at some point, I’d get tired and let the hoop go down to my knees where I’d make it go faster and faster as I bent then stood then bent then stood…’til eventually, out of control, it would drop to the ground.

My brother told me I was “the best.”

But I knew there were better.

There was one girl at school who was awesome! She’d start spinning the hoop from her arm held up high where eventually, she’d add her head…then another arm. She’d bring it down to her waist keeping it there forever…and eventually, she’d drop it to her knees, remove one leg where she’d then stretch her hooped leg high in front of her…spinning the hoop on her ankle!

She was probably the best!

I’m good at blogging.

I started as a hobby…my first posts sounding completely different from the more current posts as it’s taken awhile to find my “voice.” I started with a few readers…put myself out there bobbing and weaving back and forth like a chicken. I’ve felt vulnerable and off-balanced more than one time as I tell my stories…but you support me….you keep me going. I’m doing acrobatic writing and spinning my tales as you watch…share, comment and listen. Sometimes I’m in control…other times I feel like everything’s going to drop to the ground.

You say I’m the “best.”

But I know there are better.

There are bloggers who write better, dress better, know where the best restaurants are and travel to exciting destinations. There are bloggers who bake, others who cook…and those who can make an amazing door wreathe with a couple of tin cans and some string. There are bloggers who share heart-wrenching stories of love and loss…those who tell hilarious stories that cause an abundance of tears to stream down my cheeks…yet others who teach us about technology, business and everything in between. There are bloggers who are making a difference…speaking their minds for those who are less fortunate…bloggers who are taking a stance in a world of politics I know nothing about. Bloggers who are making a living from telling their stories.

There are a great many bloggers out there…who are truly the best at what they do! I’m fortunate to call many of them friends as we support one another on this awesome adventure.

My blog was once described as the “Seinfeld of Blogs” as I write about nothing and everything at the same time. I’m not sure if it’s a compliment…but I accept it. I write about my life…the way I see things…the things I choose to share.

This award, “Best of Halifax”…it means the world to me on so many levels. For one, it means I get to add another plaque to my bathroom wall! It means that people are reading and in some small way, maybe I’m helping someone going through a tough time because I’ve been there…I’m still there. It means that all of my childhood dreams of wanting to be a “writer” are coming true before your very eyes.

But am I the best?

Nah…not at all. There’ll always be someone I aspire to be like but it’s not about trying to beat them…it’s about trying to do “my” best…for me. It’s about doing something I love…and being recognized that I’m doing an ok job at it.

We all want to be validated.

We live in a world of judgement…and it’s nice to be judged kindly every now and then whether it’s from an award, or a kind comment out of the blue.

I’m planning on continuing to write…even more. I have thoughts for this little blog and I’m hoping to make it bigger. Reach more dreams. Check things off my bucket list. Maybe even make a little money at it!

My readers have given that to me. You guys are the best!

I encourage every single person who has a dream…to go for it. Forget about fearing failure…forget what people will say…do what you want to do because it makes you feel fantastic…makes you feel whole.

We’re all just trying to figure out what makes us tick…what makes us happy…how we can be our best.

And thank goodness, I finally put down that hula hoop…and picked up that pen!

5 Replies to “Best of Halifax…”

  1. One thing I know for sure, you are the BRAVEST woman I know! You so deserve this award.

  2. SQUEE!

    Congratulations!! Well deserved. Honestly! 😀

    I’m so proud of you and I *know* your “little blog” (as you call it) brings big smiles to a lot of faces.

    Keep writing!

  3. No. You are the best. Congrats. Cannot wait to come and have Christmas with you.

  4. Congrats – very cool. I totally hear you on the putting yourself out there and finding your voice… I’m going through that now, and it isn’t easy, but so worth it I think.