Sunday Wrap-up #1…

I thought I’d start a weekly wrap-up to fill you in on how my week goes. And…as I’m making changes to my site, I may as well start with today.

I had a chat with Julie Nowell at Three Chickens and a Boat…and essentially she told me my site looked like crap. I totally agreed! For the moment, I’d like you all to forget that I’m a graphic and web designer as honestly, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to focus on the blog…please forgive me. It’s time to up my game on this blogging thing…so, while I’ve spent a great many hours on it over the last two days…over the next few days and in the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing some changes that will hopefully have a positive impact and draw in new readers and companies that would like to work with me. Thanks Julie…for kicking me in the right direction. I needed that!


For the third year in a row I was thrilled to win The Coast’s Best of Halifax award. I’m excited to add a new plaque to my bathroom wall where I’m reminded every single day how much Halifax, and the people who live here, mean to me.

I loved the Coast’s quote stating “Colleen O’Dea welcomes anybody and everybody into her living room, dining room, the backseat of her car and into her brain via her blog.” IN MY BRAIN! That’s AWESOME! It’s almost like you’re all Zombies and you’re chomping away at my brain which is FREAKY to say the least. Also…for the record, I don’t let just anyone into the backseat of my car! Just sayin’!

As far as the win, I blogged about how I’m quite aware I’m not really the best…but I’m striving for more all the time. There are really awesome bloggers out there who are blazing a trail…allowing me to do this thing I love…including this years’ silver and bronze bloggy winners, Kayla Short and Gillian Wesley. I follow and enjoy both of their blogs. Kayla blogs about fashion and is featured in multiple magazines. Gillian is part of Halifax Bloggers..a group of writers who have joined together to share all kinds of news and events and stuff around town…check them out!

I attended the award ceremony with a couple of fabulous girlfriends…had a few laughs with my friend Elliott, congratulated my friends Matt and Mitch for winning Best Gym and Personal Trainer for Evolve Fitness, and met Fat Apollo for the very first time where we decided if he can wear a cape…I should get a crown!! I received a tremendous amount of social media love including a comment from a fellow calling me “Halifax’s Sweetheart” (he obviously doesn’t know me) and a very special shout-out from my friends at the Lower Deck. xo

Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 9.59.53 AM

While the “Best” stuff had me a little busy (and my heart pumping with joy), I also wrote a post that had my heart pumping for an entirely different reason. #IBelieveHer is a post I wrote about talking to my kids about Rape Culture in light of everything that’s been going on with the Jian Ghomeshi scandal. The post itself is getting a fair bit of attention and I’m pleased…for the simple reason that I truly believe educating our children will make a difference. If you haven’t had a chance to read, please do. Share it, like it…talk about it. I feel a shift coming…I hope I’m right.

And finally, there are two giveaways currently on the blog that will be finishing up on the 10th and the 12th…so make sure you comment for a chance to win the Nexcare package and the Oz Naturals products.

BTW…I know you’re reading at the moment but all of the pink text you see in the paragraphs…it links you to the posts I’m talking about so when you’re all done, click to get where you need to go (it’s like I’ve discovered teleporting or something!)

OH…speaking of teleporting…did you see the awesome video about what adults want to change about their bodies and what kids would like to change? I posted it on my Facebook wall…it cracked me up!


I started the week last Sunday with a tasty roast beef dinner with my former in-laws (who, darn it, made it onto the Halifolks Facebook page before I did!)  My MIL…or FMIL (can someone please come up with a better name than Former Mother In-Law) has just started a new company called Droolers Dog Treats…making dog treats with various tastes of Atlantic Canada for our noble beasts! I designed the logo…and the packaging…and I also made their grandchildren which makes me an extra special graphic designer if I do say so myself!

I attended the Women in Business show and had a moment to chat with my friend Anita from Twirp Communications. Anita and I work together from time to time on various projects including some work I’ve done recently with Spring Loaded Technology…check out their wonderful knee braces for folks needing a little extra support! After the surgery my dog had this summer, I’m thinking they should make them dog-sized!

I was also quite happy to visit with Julie Adamson of Adamson Design. I’ve had the GREAT PLEASURE of working with Julie as she delves into the world of Universal Design and I’m happy to help her with her new branding and logo!

If you haven’t checked out my work at Drawbridge Creative, take a peek at my portfolio. ACTUALLY DON’T! I’m going to update my portfolio this week.


This week had me at the gym three mornings from 5:45 to 7:45! Oh don’t be ridiculous…NOT ME! I drop Bones at Volleyball and come back to bed…then go back and get her later on!

Speaking of Bones…she had a busy week as she attended Take Your Kid to Work day at Deans Flowers where she learned to cut flowers, make a wreath, pack Goodie Baskets and learn how to run a successful business from my dear friend Holly Winchester. The next day, she attended a “career day” at the IWK where she apparently felt inside an incubator and also touched pig’s lungs that apparently felt like chicken.

DEANS Flowers
This photo I took at Deans Flowers of cacti in a Terrarium…which is essentially like an incubator…but for plants!

Along with everything else, I worked for numerous hours on very little sleep as, with lawyers, I negotiated the final phase of my divorce agreement.

Thursday was rough…while I was celebrating my “Best Of” win and receiving so many congratulatory messages…I was crashed up against my past and the mixture of both was overwhelming. Through it all…I spoke with my parents several times as they visit with my brother in Vancouver…their support simply can’t be measured.

While feeling a whole lot of yucky…I received a tweet from The Tall Blonde’s boyfriend saying he’d found the perfect caricature of my daughter on the internet.


It completely and utterly cracked me up but not as much as an hour later…when I received this photo from The Tall Blonde herself!


My kid…she’s pretty freakin’ special and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her!

By Friday, I hauled my tired arse to Hubbards where I spent the night in the company of friends as the waves crashed against the shore in the quiet evening…a much needed night where I was reminded how my girlfriends feed my soul.

My blog, work, 2 hockey games, 5 volleyball games…personal stuff…an award, a celebration, a night away with friends…that’s how my week went!

Since I started talking about my wrap-up with the week starting last Sunday…I’ll save today’s events for next week but, suffice it to say, it involved some amazing bloggers…and a dish of #HaliDip.

And with that, we start another week.

xo Queen

(PS…now that you’ve made it to the end, head back up to the links and start clicking on what you may have missed. If I were you…I’d start with the HaliDip!)

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  1. Yay for wrap ups 🙂 Um… I’m still looking for the painting post we were talking about earlier. ? .

  2. After today, I will *always* start with the #HaliDip. This is an absolutely valid life choice. So good! 😀

    You had a jam packed week! Holy!

    Oh gee! I hope people know what the highlighted text is!! Yeesh! They had better or else they are missing some really terrific stuff, here, there and everywhere! (My corner of the Blog-osphere included!) Good tip!

    I can’t wait to read what’s next and of course next week’s round up!

  3. now come on… I didn’t say “crap” did I? I just thought maybe the ole girl could use a bit of a clean up before she was let loose on the town.
    And look at her now . . . 🙂 A little sparkly (and putting some of those fly away brows in their place) does wonders!

    • LOL…you may have actually said it “bites”…I took notes, I’ll double check in the morning. And yes, I completely agreed AND am still working to get it together. Believe it or not I didn’t have categories on the majority of my posts and don’t even get me going on’s amazing anyone found me at all!