Let Go & Let God…

let go and let god

A long time ago I realized that there comes a point…where you just have to let it go. Hand it over to God. Give it up to the Universe.

Those are the times where I’m left with no more answers. When I’ve talked something through ’til the cows started coming home and I’m left without any understanding as to why something is going the way that it is.

So I give up.

But not really.

I hand it out to a higher power. I trust, that whatever the answer is, whatever the reason is, why ever it’s happening…will be revealed in time. There’s nothing more I can do to affect or change the situation…so I’m done.

Sometimes…I’m tired of fighting.

In my head, I’m trying to fix things. Trying to make things better for those I love. Trying to calm the waters in a chaotic world where sometimes, there’s nothing you can do no matter how hard you try.

Those moments, I’m full of stress. Anxious. A knot between my shoulder blades begins to form. Sleep…is fleeting.

At those times…when I’m at a complete loss for what to do next…I let it go.

This is a fairly new thing for me. There was a time where I fought everything. Stressed and struggled and wondered and feared…I’d play something repeatedly over in my head driving myself completely bonkers “wishing” something wasn’t the way it was but sometimes…all the wishing in the world won’t make a difference to the outcome.

I’ve learned, that sometimes…there’s another reason why things are the way they are…they just haven’t been revealed yet.

When you’re chasing a dream and trying your best and wishing for an outcome…sometimes…just let it go. Stop forcing it…let it happen the way it should.

You just might be surprised.


My friend Victoria made, and gifted me, my “Let Go & Let God” bracelet. She also made the necklace I wear everyday…the one that reminds me that first and foremost…I am their mom.

7 Replies to “Let Go & Let God…”

  1. Lovely post and your necklace is beautiful.

    I love the sentiment & style of these simplistic designs.

    • Get yourself one of those necklaces Tammy…I love mine.

      Sorry you needed a post like this today…if you ever need to chat, you know I’m always here for you. xo

  2. We get too wrapped up (me included!) in trying to control the situation, whereas if we let go, we might get what we actually need.