I smell…




After eight months of not being able to smell a thing…I CAN SMELL EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE! Which is Awesome…and Disgusting…and Amazing…and Gross!

Honestly…it’s completely overwhelming my senses.

This morning…as I was getting ready for the Facebook for Small Business conference in Halifax, I thought I’d spray on a wee touch of Prada Candy as I often do…and I was nearly knocked back against the wall! STRONG! Have I seriously been smelling like that for all this time and not realized it?

Then, I put a little lip gloss on and the scent under my nose from the gloss…drove me crazy ’til I rubbed it off.

I grabbed my tea at Tims and knew immediately it was Tea and not Coffee…which happens often that I get the wrong drink but never know until I actually take my first sip.

I smelled things all morning…in a room full of packed people I could smell the gum they were chewing, body scents, shampoo and toothpaste…along with the coffee perking in the conference hall!

SMELLS…delightful smells!

And then…I arrived home. I walked into the house and it hit me like a ton of bricks. HOCKEY GEAR! Gross, smelly, half-wet, half-rotten…sixteen year old smelling hockey gear!

In my front hall.

The thing is…it’s often kept in my front hall. He comes in, throws it down…leaves it be.

We have this rule…if he has hockey again within 24 hours, he can leave it there. If it’s longer, it has to get put away.

This morning, after I’d left and before he went to school…he took a moment to unpack his bag and SPREAD IT OUT throughout my living room for it to dry. MY LIVING ROOM!

And this isn’t the first time which suddenly has me realizing…everyone who comes into my house thinks my house REEKS TO THE HIGH HEAVENS!

Ahhh….I can smell again.

It’s overwhelming…and fabulous…and pretty freakin’ gross!

4 Replies to “I smell…”

  1. As soon as I read your title I thought……….hockey gear! Glad your writing didn’t let me down. Enjoy the scents of the world!