Amanda Jamieson…#KIAWorkingMom


Amanda Jamieson started working at 15 years of age. By 17, she was working full time while attending grade 12 and making payments on her very first car. She’s driven, motivated, she likes the finer things in life and wants to provide opportunities for her children while at the same time, saving for their futures.

Amanda’s day starts at 6am with a bouncing new puppy, Tucker, ready to jump into action. With the constant help of her partner of 11 years, Eric, the couple work together to make sure everything gets accomplished seamlessly.

A self described “Princess”…Amanda prides herself on the fact that her home is immaculate…thanks to Eric! Eric also does all the cooking (though she likes to bake), is a whiz with laundry and is fantastic with the kids! In Amanda’s words…

He’s my rock, my biggest supporter and my side-kick in life and everything I do. If it wasn’t for him and his commitment to the kids and I, there’s no way I could do my job and be so flexible. I’m truly fortunate to have found such an amazing guy to share this journey with.


While knowing nothing about cars when she started, Amanda has worked as a selection specialist with O’Regan’s Kia for the past 3 years. As their highest rated sales consultant, Amanda is thrilled to work at a job she loves. A quick look at, and you’ll find she’s consistently given a whole bunch of stars and lovely comments from happy customers describing her as helpful, knowledgeable…of going above and beyond all expectations.

She’s hard working…with a smile on her face and a desire to help others reach their goals and at the end of the day…Amanda’s children Taylor (10) and Quinn (5), are happy to spend some quality time with their Mom…and are eager to find out if she sold a car that day!

Pretty cool job if you ask them…though Taylor dreams of being a fashion designer when she grows up…Quinn, an artist.


Amanda is a busy working Mom. With lunches made the night before and a hot beverage in hand, Amanda and Eric drop their daughter at a friends house before school, take their youngest to daycare for before school and after school programs…then head to the city to drop Eric at work and off to KIA to put in a full day…sometimes working 13 hours before heading back home.

With one driver in the family, on the nights Amanda works late, her father pitches in to make sure everyone gets where they need to be…he’s even been known to take Tucker to his house in the afternoon on the long days…so he won’t be alone!

While the work week flows from one day into the next, Amanda keeps things organized and is thankful to work with an organization that allows her some flexibility. She and Eric play off one another’s talents so everything gets done and they usually have a spare hour at the end of the night to catch up on a little TV…to put their feet up…take a deep breath…and prepare to do it all again the next day.

Weekends are for family and friends. The couple enjoys spending time together with friends and with their children…swimming, road trips, walks on various trails with the new pup. Both Taylor and Quinn are involved in gymnastics…Taylor in Girl Guides and Quinn in Beavers. They’re’ busy…happy…active…enjoying one another’s company and treasuring every moment.

Drop into KIA Dartmouth to see this busy working mom in action…you’ll walk away inspired, impressed…with a smile on your face…and likely with a brand new car.


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