Graphic Design…living the dream!


It wasn’t so long ago I was questioning my sanity.

Asking myself why I chose to take the Graphic and Web Design program at NSCC? Did I make a mistake? Would I get any clients? Were “they” right…that designers are a “dime a dozen” and I’d picked the wrong career?

Considering I have an IT background…I could have done Project Management, Programming…any number of IT related courses to get me back in the game.

But no…I went the “artist” route with this great expectation that I was going to get back on my feet, start making money, pay the bills, support myself and my kids…kids who happen to be in multiple sports and activities and seem to grow out of clothing and sneakers in the blink of an eye!

Granted…I would be receiving the allotted support from my former husband…but that wasn’t going to cut it. I needed to work and not only work…but make a whack of money…get back on my feet after years of being a stay-at-home mom…put a life in front of me that would support me for years to come.


Totally out of my mind crazy.

Except for that part where you “do what you love to do…and everything will fall into place.”

So…despite a little inkling in the back of my mind that I was taking a risk and wasn’t in a position to be taking risks…I went for it with the knowledge that if it didn’t work out…I’d go back to IT and my former colleagues and beg, plead, implore them to take me in and re-teach me everything I missed from the time I’d given up my career…until now.

Despite multiple people telling me that “graphic design” was a tough career…that few people made it…I went for it. I remember every conversation where someone told me I was making a bad decision…that I should do a little more research…and while I was in a pretty difficult spot and needing a great bit of guidance, I went against some fairly sound advice…and trusted my instinct.

Despite my tax guy being completely pleased that I’d gone back to school then asking me what I was studying…and the look on his face when I said “Graphic Design” followed by all of the negative things he said afterwards…I still continued…albeit with a sense of dread for my future…and the future of three kids and one bulldog who were completely depending on me to get it right!

Mom and Dad…were 100% behind me. Maybe they were oblivious to the “graphic design is a ridiculous career choice” attitude…or maybe they just trusted me…or were happy that I finally uncurled myself from the fetal position and got off the couch!

And now, here I am.

Nearing two years since I started this company and I’m actually pulling it off. I’m loving what I’m doing…I’m paying the bills and slowly getting out of debt…I have projects on the go that I’m incredibly proud of…I have countless clients who respect my opinion and are awesome to work with…it’s all pretty amazing when I look at the files on my desk…the sticky notes…the emails filling my inbox and a growing portfolio of work that I’m so damn proud to put my name on.

Drawbridge Creative is pretty darn awesome (even if I haven’t had a moment to update my website with all of the amazing projects I’ve had the great opportunity to be apart of!)

My Graphic Design business…combined with Curtains are Open…has given me the creative outlet I’ve always desired. It’s truly, what I was always meant to do.

So…to all of you facing changes…staring at a freight train head on and needing to make huge life alterations…for those of you needing to go back to school, find a new career, getting back on your feet after a big ol’ life crisis…GO FOR IT! Don’t let anyone dictate what’s in your heart. Stop listening to the naysayers and the dream stompers. Trust yourself. Trust your dreams…dreams you may have let go of a long time before.

We hear time and time again to do what you love…well, figure out what it is you love…and just do it. We’re older…wiser…and if you have the “opportunity” to start a second career…as horrifying and scary as that sounds…do what it is you love to do and the rest will fall into place.

I’m not making millions here but I’m happy. I have a plan for my future and my children’s futures and if I play my cards right…if I keep on this path…things are going to be ok…more than ok…pretty darned awesome!

(Oh…and by the way Mom and Dad…Thank You!)

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