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SPOILER ALERT: If you’ve not seen all three seasons of House of Cards yet…I give away a few secrets in this post…so stop reading now…or read…up to you! 

I always wondered what it would be like if a character on TV just suddenly started talking to me…incorporated me into the show…took me in as their confidante.

That’s what happened in House of Cards. Frank Underwood, the President of the United States, started talking to me and I was completely floored.

I was helping him make decisions that were RUTHLESS!

At first…I admit, I didn’t really think he was talking to me. I kind of thought he was just thinking out loud and looking out of the camera range but then…I completely realized I was part of the show and he was waiting for my answer…not really caring what it was ’cause he was going to do whatever he damn well pleased despite my “crap Frank that’s gonna be outrageous” comments! Frank’s telling me what’s going on in his head and I’m all “No Frank…that’s not normal” as I lick my fingers from a feed of ribs I’d just had delivered.

Then, I watch it play out on-screen with that “I told you so” look on my face and Frank’s all “whatever” in his smugness.

The thing is…while watching House of Cards…I hated Francis Underwood. But when he included me into his schemes and deception…his manipulation…I was all over it. I was part of it. He was playing me just as easily as he was playing every politician and journalist on the hill…I was taking it all in.

All three seasons. All 39 shows.

And now…I wait.

Surely Frank is wondering what he should do…the First Lady just left him, he’s about to run for office, his Chief of Staff has gone completely loopy and it’s all up to me to give him the advice he needs.

Last week, with my computer broke…I binge watched all three seasons of House of Cards in record time. I need a little break to wrap my head around what just happened…so I can be prepared to give the right advice and make a difference in the next season…whenever that will happen.

Check out House of Cards on Netflix. It’s full of suspense, power, murder, mystery, sex and pure ruthlessness.

And you’re part of the show.


Disclaimer: Curtains are Open is part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with Netflix, however, all opinions are my own. (Especially the one’s I share with Frank.)

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  1. sream or stream, or scream? team. I don’t watch and haven’t finished reading