Dean’s wants you to tell them who you think is Bloomin’ Awesome!


There’s something quite awesome about a beautiful bouquet of flowers arriving at your door. It’s often an unexpected treat…a way to brighten your day…to cheer you up or recognize an occasion or accomplishment.

Last month, the parents on my son’s hockey team, the Halifax West Warriors, recognized a mom and daughter who have made a tremendous difference to our team. For almost three seasons, this duo has stood at the entrance of every home game…working the door and selling the 50/50 tickets. Their smiles were the first thing to greet you as you stepped into the Centennial Arena each Saturday night…volunteering their time.

It was a joy to acknowledge their dedication.

Deans Flowers wants to spread a little happiness with their brand new program, “Bloomin’ Awesome!”

The fact is…we all know “Bloomin’ Awesome” people who are doing wonderful things in our community. They’re volunteering, raising kids, teaching, taking care of us, facing challenges, running businesses, coaching…making a difference in other people’s lives.

They’re people we look up to and wonder how they’re pulling off being so awesome! While chances are, they’re looking at us…thinking we’re pretty awesome too!

Dean’s is inviting you to recognize the special people in our community and in your life.

Each month, Dean’s will send a bouquet to a nominated person…they won’t reveal to the recipient who sent the surprise…just that someone thinks they’re “Bloomin’ Awesome!” Dean’s will post a note on their social media channels with a hint about who will be receiving flowers that day and why they’re nominated…then post a follow-up photo as the “Bloomin’ Awesome” recipient receives their surprise (as long as it’s ok with them!)

To nominate someone to receive a “Bloomin’ Awesome” bouquet…all you have to do is email Holly Winchester, owner of Dean’s Flowers and Goody Baskets, to tell her why your friend, colleague, mentor, uncle, coach, doctor, mom, etc…deserves a special treat.

With much excitement, Holly is looking forward to receiving your “Bloomin’ Awesome” nominations.

To nominate someone for April’s flowers, send your email with:

1) Their name and phone number

2) The reason why you think they’re “Bloomin’ Awesome”

3) Your name and contact information

Please send in the April nominations by the 23rd, for delivery the week of the 25th.

You will only need to nominate the person once, Dean’s will keep a running tally of their information and keep them in the draw each month for as long as the “Bloomin’ Awesome” promotion continues.

Who do you know…that’s “Bloomin’ Awesome!”

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