Snowstorms, Mussels and a $50 PC Gift Card Giveaway…


THIS was the day I served seafood for supper…which is ironic…as it was also the day my son was attacked by a “Snow Shark” as he stepped out our front door!


We were facing the biggest snow storm we’d seen in many years. Spiderman proved smarter than the average bear when he had two friends sleep over the night before…so, I had three strappin’ lads in the house all eager to shovel out the driveway with snowdrifts that were over their heads!

Minus the eager part.

It actually took a little coaxing and for anyone who has three teenaged boys in their house on a day you need them to do some work…coaxing means ONE thing and one thing only…FOOD.

I offered a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, pancakes and hashbrowns…promised them loaded chicken nachos and hot chocolate for lunch…and told them I’d make PEI Mussels in a Creamy White Wine Sauce served with Linguini and a Baguette for supper.

They looked at me wide eyed with excitement for a full day of happy stomachs…mixed with a little bit of thinking I was crazy.

Mussels? In a snowstorm?

“I’m not shovelling out the BBQ,” Spiderman said half panicked with the thought as I assured him that we didn’t need the BBQ…though admittedly I could see where his panic was coming from as I’d never cooked mussels inside before AND…the BBQ was all but buried!

However, just a few days before, I’d received a new product from Presidents Choice and was anxious to give it a try. I’m a HUGE fan of PEI Mussels in the Summertime but always feel it’s a bit of a fuss and rather large mess to make them…the idea that they came in a box and were completely prepared and ready for me to heat and serve…appealed to me!

After a day of multiple hours of shovelling out not one but THREE driveways, we sat down to a feed of mussels and I have to say…they were spectacular!


I served them EXACTLY like the picture on the box…with some linguini and a nice focaccia bread (again, from the PC Bakery at the Bayers Lake Superstore), however, they’d also be super awesome on their own as an appetizer. Honestly, I was thrilled how quick and easy it was to have PEI Mussels on the table…even in a snowstorm…with ZERO fuss whatsoever!

And I think you should try them as well!

Enter to win a $50 PC Gift Card (18+ years old and residents of Canada) to purchase this awesome product or any of the other wonderful products I’m always happy to discover at my local Atlantic Superstore.


Disclosure: I received free product to facilitate this post but as always, opinions are my own. 

34 Replies to “Snowstorms, Mussels and a $50 PC Gift Card Giveaway…”

  1. Now you have me wanting to try the mussels too! They look yummy! Sadly I found no amount of coaxing or food was going to get my son to shovel out the full length of my massive driveway after those snow storms 🙁

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