Sandi Carew Flemming…August’s #KIAWorkingMom


This month, I’m THRILLED to introduce you to one of the hardest working moms I know…who also happens to be my friend, Sandi Carew Flemming.

Born and raised in Newfoundland (where she attended elementary and junior high with my cousins), Sandi moved to New Brunswick with her family as a teen. In 1989, she landed in Halifax to study Public Relations and then earn her masters degree in Education from Mount Saint Vincent University. Sandi has been here ever since…though like me, she still calls Newfoundland “home.”

With a BIG job, two active boys, a gaggle of girlfriends and her constant companion “Buddy” the dog…Sandi has discovered the trick to getting it all done while still having time to enjoy a little “girlfriend time” at the end of it all.

She has a cleaning lady!

Besides that…Sandi’s trick to getting it all done…she’s a MORNING PERSON! In fact, before arriving at the office each morning perfectly coiffed and ready to roll…Sandi has already managed to throw a load of laundry on the line (she admits she’s obsessed with laundry), tidy through the house and get her two boys ready for their day. However, nothing about her mornings is exactly peaceful as there are lunches to be made, a schedule to organize and back packs to be found…all the while trying to wake her oldest who, unlike his mother, is NOT a morning person. Once she gets the boys up and going, she takes Buddy for a brisk walk then quickly pulls herself together, drops the boys where they need to be and arrives at the office for a full day of work.

Sandi’s boys, aged 16 and 12, keep her hopping with their sports and active social lives. Newly separated, Sandi’s pulling off the single parent role with style and grace. As Sandi says, “There are many days when I feel like I don’t have my act together and I worry about whether or not I am doing things right, but overall I don’t stress too much.  I’m happy and the kids are happy, and that’s all that really matters.”

Dividing her time between the hockey rink, curling club or baseball diamond…Sandi is usually found cheering on her boys with a huge smile on her face, ready to greet you with fabulous conversation and friendship. She’s happy to grab a little time each year to rent a cottage with the boys and relax by the pool…and travelling to southern destinations is ALWAYS a goal (whether it’s with family or a getaway with the girls!)

I’ve known Sandi for a lot of years and until I did a project with her this year…I had NO IDEA how amazing she was at her job and how much responsibility she had for the well being of so many people! As the CEO of Maritime Resident Doctors, a professional association for doctors who are finished medical school and doing their residency training, Sandi and her team are responsible for negotiating the pay and work hours of 550+ members…administering their health and dental benefit plan, advocating on their behalf within the industry, and providing numerous wellness initiatives. Luckily, she’s not doing it alone as she has a fabulous staff and Board of Directors behind her.

For support, Sandi has a great amount of people in her life who are willing and ready to pitch in at a moment’s notice. She’s very close with her family, with parents who are always there to support her and a sister who lives just a few doors away…raising children the same ages as Sandi’s boys, and helping out with car-pooling and joint activities.

Besides her family, Sandi has a group of girlfriends who adore her as much as she does them. There’s always time for a power-walk, bike ride, or a night on the couch with a glass or two of wine!

Sandi admits she doesn’t have a great deal of “me time” in her life but she thrives on being active and busy and is always happy to be surrounded by loved ones. Quiet time is usually a good book…a movie in bed or a Netflix series. While she didn’t expect to find herself single at this stage in her life…she’s making the best of her situation joking that her pup Buddy is her greatest companion…noting how adorable he is (evident from the multiple pictures she has of him on her phone!)

Being active, a proud mom, a loving sister, daughter and friend are very important to Sandi…and loving her job is an added bonus to her happy life. As she says, “I think I am where I am supposed to be…and there isn’t really much I’d change.”

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  1. I’ve spent a few games at the ball field with Sandi and it’s nice to know that the person she is there is who she always is. A wonderful person to be recognized! I assumed it was her but was only 100% sure with the mention of Buddy, every one knows Buddy?