Back to School with Netflix and The Fosters #StreamTeam


It’s hard to believe that this week, we’ll be saying good-bye to summer vacation and hello to fall schedules.

For me…it always feels like the “New Year.” Time to organize the house, sign up for various activities…purge and clean and make plans and goals for the year ahead.

This year, while I’m still absorbing the shock of The Tall Blonde leaving YET AGAIN to go back to school in search of degree number two…I’m not only baffled that Spider-Man is heading into grade twelve, but I’m absolutely flummoxed that Bones is about to enter HIGH SCHOOL!

It seems only yesterday she started primary!

With back to school upon us and a house-full of teens, I went in search of a teen family drama a la 90210, Gossip Girl or Glee…so I could get a bit of a grip on what’s going on in the lives of young adults these days. What I found…and had never heard of before…but binge watched the entire thing from beginning to end, thoroughly enjoying each and every show…The Fosters!


Set in San Diego, The Fosters is the story of Steph, a police officer, and her partner Lena, a high school Vice Principal…along with their multi-ethnic family filled with biological, adopted and foster kids…and all of the extra parents, grandparents and siblings that are in and out of their lives.

The show is filled with drama, communication and young people struggling to find their identities as they’re growing up…along with an abundance of love!

The episodes include every imaginable teen-risk situation that you can possibly imagine…reminding me how important it is to keep the communication going, how what you’re hearing isn’t always the truth and that teen’s perceptions and reality are so much different from our own.

I was also reminded…that love wins…every time.

If you want to catch a show about parenting teens…about real issues and others that you think are incredibly far-fetched but in reality, probably aren’t as far-fetched as you’d want them to be…check out The Fosters on Netflix.

With school heading back this week…it’s the perfect time to start a few conversations…and The Fosters is one of those teen and parent watch together shows, that gives you an easy lead in to some difficult topics!

Because when parenting teens…communication is definitely key.

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