How to BBQ Donuts!


What do you mean you’ve never had a BBQ’d donut!!

The thing is, besides my fantastic children, one of the best things my ex-husband ever brought into my life was BBQ’d DONUTS! Apparently, they were a summer treat where he grew up cottaging in the South Shore…maybe it’s a Ponhook Lake thing…I’m sure some of my readers could let us know where they originate but they are a definite MUST for any Summer gathering around the BBQ!

So…before Summer officially ends and we all start packing up our patio furniture for another year…you HAVE to try these.

NO, I DON’T PUT BBQ SAUCE ON THEM! That, my friends, would be disgusting.

Here’s what you do…

  1. Purchase a dozen sugar donuts (you weren’t looking for an ACTUAL donut recipe were you?) Anyway, the sugary sugar ones…the kind you pick up at a gas station in that plastic container or in a bread bag and they’re rather sticky. (You can also get them at the supermarket…once we accidentally bought Cinnamon ones rather than Sugar and they were SOOO good!)
  2. Turn the BBQ on HIGH and burn off all the crud. No one wants last week’s BBQ chicken bits in their dessert!
  3. Wipe off the grill with the grill brush really well.
  4. Pop a dozen donuts on the grill while everyone looks at you like you’re nuts because you’re BARBECUING DONUTS!
  5. Turn the burners on LOW heat.
  6. Wait a few minutes until the sugar caramelizes on the donut.
  7. Flip the donuts…and YES, you’ll have grill marks which are AWESOME!
  8. Wait a few minutes for the other side to caramelize/melt/heat up/cook.
  9. Place in a bowl and add ice cream.

The donuts are slightly crispy on the outside and sweet and awesome and doughy on the inside. They really are FANTASTIC!


A while back, while cottaging in Hubbards, we loaded up the grill with these treats and they were a big hit! In fact, my friend’s son seemed half annoyed that he’s known me for a decade and I’d waited this long before introducing him to this delicious dessert!

Had I thought about it, I should have taken a photo of the finished product with the grill marks and the ice cream on top…and maybe a video of all of the quiet eating…the ummmms and aaaahhhhs and comments of how good they were…BUT, I was too busy eating.

Which is why I’m probably not a food blogger!

Enjoy…and you’re welcome!

2 Replies to “How to BBQ Donuts!”

  1. I am positive I didn’t need to learn about this. I just today picked up a pack of fresh donuts at the grocery store. I used to work for Ben’s so having donuts as doughnuts was already a weakness.