My new friends…


For the last ten days, someone’s been deciding who my friends will be for the next six months…who I’ll be spending my Saturday nights with…take a few road-trips with…possibly even vacation in Montreal with!

It’s completely out of my control!

This last ten days, we’ve sat around while someone has watched us…they’re deciding who looks right, moves right, acts appropriately and steps up. We’re judged on our commitment, our determination…our leadership and the various skills we may or may not possess.

My friends are being chosen for me which could possibly be a good thing as I’ve been known to choose the wrong friends from time to time. If choosing myself, I’d likely pick an entirely different group of people to spend my time with than those who’ve been chosen for me.

I mean…I completely get some of the people but others…I’m a little curious. I wonder what the judge thinks I have in common with them. I question why someone I’ve known for years and who I really enjoy is deemed unsuitable for my social calendar when in reality, I’d spend every weekend with them if given the chance! They’re amazing women…funny and sweet and kind. Heck…one of them is married to the nicest man in the world and I’d be honoured to spend my free time with her AND him for that matter!

Today, the list came out and I’ve been told who I’ll spend my time with.

Some of these friends are women I’ve I’ve known for years…they make me laugh and keep me entertained. Some, I barely know. Others, I’ll greatly miss.

These women…my new friends…we’ll go shopping, drink tea and dine together…we’ll slip Baileys in our coffee cups when nobody is looking, curl up next to one another for hours on end…drink wine with one another in some cheesy motel on more than one occasion.

We’ll cheer each other on, get to know one another…form an unbreakable bond together…starting right now.

As today, the list of new friends was posted. The women I’ll spend the next six months with…

The 2015/16 Halifax West High School Hockey Moms.

5 Replies to “My new friends…”

  1. I am very happy your son made the team.

    I am sorry that some of your friends won’t be at the arena this year.

    I hope your new friends understand all their obligations now that Hockey is officially underway. That might be a lot of pressure for a total stranger. 😉

  2. This Hockey mom’s pledge: I Solemnly pledge to bring a thermos of hot tea, with extra cups, to cafeterialess rinks. I will try to have additional seat warmers in the car….just in case. I promise not to a bring loud a noisemaker and sit directly behind someone unawares. I promise not to not ask every few minutes “why did they blow the whistle” and assume it’s icing or offside. Mostly I promise I will shout “do it again, do it again” after every West goal!

    • It THRILLS me that you’re one of my friends again this season! I will shout “Do It Again” if you refuse…please, shout with me! Go West!