Popcorn, Red Wine and SCANDAL! #StreamTeam


Right in the middle of watching Scandal…a package arrived from Netflix and timing could not have been more perfect!

Well…except if they’d included a bottle of red wine!

Olivia Pope, crisis manager and former media consultant to US President Fitzgerald Grant…spends her life trying to protect the images of Washington’s elite. She prides herself on wearing a “white hat”…one of the “good guys” surrounded by a sea of bad, dark and evil.

The show is one episode after the next of intrigue and drama wrapped up in conspiracy theories, sex scandals…blood, guts, torture and murder…all with the backdrop of the Whitehouse and those who roam its halls.

At night, in her apartment with multiple padlocks to keep the bad guys out…Olivia relaxes (when she’s not in jail or bed) with a big bowl of popcorn and an even larger glass of wine…often with the President at her side…or at least in her thoughts.

I decided to check out Season One after various people told me it was a fabulous show and it wasn’t too many episodes in before I was HOOKED! Next…Season Two, then Three…then Four and I was completely caught up and left wanting for more! This week…Season Five was released on Netflix and rather than being able to binge watch to the end, I’ll follow along weekly as a new show will be available each Friday.

Pop a little popcorn, pour a little wine, put your feet up and repeat after me…I AM A GLADIATOR! This show is intriguing…suspenseful…gritty…nasty…and absolutely fantastic!



Disclaimer: Curtains are Open is part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with Netflix, however, all opinions are my own.

One Reply to “Popcorn, Red Wine and SCANDAL! #StreamTeam”

  1. Geez…thanks.. I already am a slave to The Netflix ! Frig sakes. I’m hooked on How To Get Away With Murder… I’ll add Scandal to “my list” I want Netflix to send me treats. Hook me up!