How to create a Gallery Wall…


Remember when I told you I was putting together a Galley Wall in my house? I’d made a few pieces…purchased a few more…and this weekend, it finally came together!

AND…I couldn’t be happier!

To start with, I made a couple of the pieces myself! There’s the Eye Chart with three of my children’s names (directions in the post: How to Make an Eye Chart); the number 16…which represents both of my children’s jersey numbers for their Volleyball and Hockey teams; and the “I love you to the Moon” piece…which, like most of us…is a quote we’ve said to our children a number of times!

I was THRILLED with how all three pieces turned out…and knew they’d look great on the wall once I found more things to accompany them.

So, this weekend, I hit up the shops to find a few more pieces to complete the Gallery Wall. There’s a shadow box that now holds a Tiara my Godfather gave to me when I was a little girl that I really and truly believed was made of real diamonds; a beautiful mirror that I hung from a “crown hook” that had been given to me years ago and I never knew what to do with; a silver dog head that I thought would look fantastic (that also came in both a pig and a cow and I had a hard time picking which one I’d really want); and the “What I love about My Home” piece…which sums up everything I love about my home!

But my FAVOURITE piece…Zucchini on canvas! Created from a photo I took last year of Zuke in a Tutu and fairy wings (original photo here)…I put the picture into Adobe Illustrator and got to work making a silhouette in black, grey and white. Once I created the file, I saved it as a JPG and uploaded it to Then, I crossed my fingers and waited for the mail to arrive and was THRILLED when I finally opened the box and it was WAY better than I’d imagined!







Gallery Wall Tip…lay it all out on the floor ahead of time to make sure you get the exact look you’re going for!
Also…use a level to make sure they’re all perfectly straight!

I love how it all turned out…the pieces I made along with the ones I purchased and a few treasures I’d been saving. I’m thrilled with how the canvas piece added a bit of texture and fun and if you’re putting together a gallery wall…I’d highly recommend you using both framed and unframed pieces…along with various sizes and 3D elements.

Mostly…I love the way it tells our story. How my family means the world to me…my kids…the dog…me.

How this house is the home it is…because of who I share it with.


Disclosure: I received special perks in exchange for this blog post. As always, the opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Could you please email me the template for the 70 things we love about you file? I can’t seem to find that post right now?