Kids See Free program…and why I didn’t believe my kid needed glasses!

The Tall Blonde had been after me about needing glasses for quite some time. Apparently she couldn’t see the board, supposedly didn’t see the volleyball when it was on the other side of the court or coming towards her, didn’t like going to movies, wasn’t too comfortable walking down stairs…I’d heard it all.

Yeah…the thing is…glasses were a bit of a “thing” when she was in Jr. High. The newest and greatest fashion accessory to be had and the thing is…I’d fallen for every fashion accessory up until that point and she was NOT bamboozling me with her NEED for glasses.

I knew this kid…and was well aware her NEED was more of a WANT!

And THAT my friends, continues to be high on the list of my TOP 10 PARENTING FAILS!

I’d tired of listening to her complain and dropped her and a friend off at the vision clinic to have her eyes tested. DROPPED HER OFF! I didn’t even stay for the appointment as I’d something or other to do…some kid to chase after, a roast to get in the oven or a floor to wash.

When I came back…there she was with her friend, happily picking out a pair of frames as the doctor had agreed with her self-diagnosis and need for glasses!

“You’re not getting a very expensive pair” I’d said as she excitedly looked at all of the fancy, pretty, trendy frames…then followed it up with “you’re only going to wear them now and again or at the movies…until you eventually tire of them.”

And the Dr. looked at me like I was CRAZY.


“She needs glasses” he said a little sternly using his very best “I know better than you doctor voice.” And then, he went on to tell me how diminished her eyesight was and how she’d be wearing glasses every single moment of every single day…in order to see. Because, without them…she couldn’t. At all.

Yeah…so that happened.

A few days later, The Tall Blonde was wearing the most expensive and trendiest pair of frames you could imagine in an attempt to TRY to heal my guilty conscience that nearly sent me into a convulsion each and every moment she saw something new for the first time…like “LEAVES ON THE TREES!”


Seeing that we’re well into Fall and the school year, now might be the time to check whether or not your children can actually see the board, a volleyball coming at them from the other side of the court…or individual leaves on trees rather than just big sticks with colourful blobs!

According to the Canadian Association of Optometrists, one in four school-aged children has a vision problem. While we know vision is linked to learning…many Canadian children have never had an eye exam.

Loblaw Optical Centres are currently running the Kids See Free Program…available at any Optical Department located in Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, Zehrs, Fortinos and Your Independent Grocery locations.

I dropped into the Bayers Lake Superstore this week and had a great chat with the optician. Essentially, children between the ages of 4-10 years old will receive free eyeglasses up to $49.00. This program is now entering its fifth year and has already delivered more than 5,000 pairs of glasses to Canadian kids!

Running until December 1st, visit your closest Loblaw Optical Centre for an eye exam and receive one pair frames up to $49.00 in value. If your child finds a frame they prefer that’s not included in the program, the $49.00 will be used as a credit towards your purchase.


To find an Optical store near you, visit the Store Finder link and book an appointment for an eye exam.

Side note: I just finished writing the post and sent the Tall Blonde a message to say “Do you have a picture of yourself in Jr. High with your pink glasses that I could use in a blog post?” AND…she responded with “I didn’t get glasses until HIGH SCHOOL!” Annnndddd…there you have it… the guilty mom convulsion once again!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Loblaws. Opinions and stories, as always, are my own. 

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  1. I was at the mall with my mother when I was three. A drug store (shoppers?) in the mall was performing free vision tests. The lady in a white coat stood 10 feet away from me and asked, ‘what letter is this?’ To which I would cheerily respond, ‘I don’t know!’ My mother KNEW this was a vision test and her immediate response was frustration as I had recently learned my letters at that point. Even during a VISION TEST it did not immediately occur to my mother that I didn’t ‘know’ the letters because I couldn’t see them!