Sick as a dog…


It’s possible I’m as sick as a dog.

At this very moment, Bones is at volleyball practice where she had to find her own ride to AND from. On top of that, I had to cancel her riding lesson as I couldn’t fathom getting off the couch long enough to drive her to Windsor nor could I find anyone to do it for me. AND…to top it all off, Spiderman just left in the car by himself to go to his hockey game THAT I WON’T BE ATTENDING!


Couch…Blanket…Dog…Roll of Toilet Paper because I’ve gone through two boxes of Kleenex…DOWN!

I tried not to be.

I’m currently on Day 6.

Day 1 – It hit me in the evening. Fever. Misery. Chills. Sore throat. Aches. Man-Cold kind of cold that I posted about on Facebook and had a ton of people tell me about the joys of Ginger Tea and Hot Toddys…both of which I tried. My kids were great…Spiderman brought me supper…Bones got me a hot water bottle…both checked in a few times.

Day 2 – It was a PD Day so happily I didn’t have to get up early and drive anyone anywhere. I spent most of the day on the couch doing a bit of work here and there. Bones left early for her weekend at her fathers as apparently she was “tired of my whining” but she did seem happy to see me later that evening when I dragged myself out to Spiderman’s hockey game…thanking one of the hockey Dad’s repeatedly for plugging the heaters full of loonies and cursing the school mascot for my tripping over his big furry feet on my way to the bathroom ONE MORE TIME to blow my nose!

Day 3 – I laid on the couch all day and cancelled a night away with girlfriends. By evening, I ordered supper from Boston Pizza that included a HUGE piece of Chocolate Explosion cake because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out if I was supposed to feed or starve my fever but whatever it was…I wanted cake! I began re-watching season one of Gilmore Girls and eventually hauled my sorry arse to bed.

Day 4 – I slept until 10:30 onaccounta the Cold Meds, got up, grabbed a box of tissues, and laid on the couch for the rest of the day where I managed to finish Season One of Gilmore Girls and start in on Season Two. My big trip out of the house was all the way to my ex’s house to pick up my kids and drive back home where I continued on the couch before hitting the sack. Oh…I also washed the floor, dusted the living room, cleaned the bathroom, ran a few loads of laundry and cleaned out the fridge.

Day 5 – Due to the Cold Meds or pure exhaustion, the dog had to wake me up TWICE during the night to stir me out of a nightmare both times BARKING to wake me up which is incredibly strange as our dog doesn’t bark but obviously, I was spooking her out! Once awake, I settled the dog who kept looking at me like my head was about to spin in circles…then drove Bones to school before heading to the doctor…but not for me. Spiderman hurt himself at hockey while I was basking in the warmth of the heat lamps (on Day 2)…his injury going into overdrive over the weekend as an elbow gash caused an infection which was in need of antibiotics. But, since we were at the doctor anyway, we had a quick listen to my lungs to discover that “YAY ME” my lungs were clear but I was put on a puffer anyway as we all know I’m a weakling when it comes to my lungs. I cancelled a meeting and spent the afternoon working…with my box of tissues and a pup at my feet….BUT, I did make it out to Bones’ volleyball game because even if I spend the day feeling miserable and not being able to work to my full potential…one must not miss anything the kids are doing!!

Day 6 – Woke up feeling worse than Day 5 so I spent the day trying to get better and thinking that I’d be able to do it all…even though I was feeling rather miserable and trying to pretend that I was going to be fine…until around 3:00…when I imploded. Like, full on bawling meltdown and not because of what was going on with Gilmore Girls…it was more of an exhausted, frustrated, fall apart moment straight out of crazy-ville that had both my father, and my mother, and my daughter’s riding coach feeling incredibly sorry for me and trying to calm me down. Not that they were here with me…I was wildly texting and trying to figure out how to get Bones to her lesson ’cause I knew I couldn’t handle it but she had to get there and I was sick and…BLAH!!! It all came blubbering out in a wild event that had the dog barking ONCE AGAIN!

I couldn’t do it. I hit the wall. I tried not to whine too much. I tried to get where I was supposed to be. I tried to work on my projects and answer my emails and catch up on things I’m supposed to be catching up with but I COMPLETELY LOST IT!

And tonight, I’m laying on the couch.

I didn’t work today. I didn’t drive my kids anywhere this evening. I cancelled activities, told them to figure things out, ordered more Boston Pizza (but not the cake this time even though now I want cake), AND…I’m not at the hockey game even though I’m worried about Spiderman’s elbow (but Dad is there and I’ve two people texting me so all should be ok.)

Currently, I’m on Season 2, Episode 15, of Gilmore Girls.

Here’s hoping I start feeling better before Season 3…but until then, I’m just gonna stay right here on the couch.

With my blanket, a roll of toilet paper, and my barking dog.