Happily ever after…


I got married at Disney.

Sort of.

Four friends on a girls weekend away from any responsibilities, we decided to visit Disney for a different kind of magical adventure…as in, we headed to Epcot to eat and drink our way around the world!

“Charles” checked us in at the front gates and as we chatted about blogging and social media, he asked if we’d each like to wear a pin.

There were a few choices…”First Time at Disney,” “Celebration,” “Happy Birthday,” and “Happily Ever After” to name a few. None of them really suited a “Girls Gone Wild” weekend but we decided that the “Happily Ever After” kind of matched being friends…so…the four of us attached them to our shirts and skipped into the park for a glorious day.

It didn’t take long for Crazy and I to realize that the “Congratulations” we were receiving from Disney Cast Members (ie, everyone who works there who interacted with us in any way whatsoever)…was because they thought we were married!

It seems…these “Happily Ever After” pins that Charles delightfully gave us…were meant for NEWLYWEDS visiting the park on their HONEYMOONS! These pins it turns out…are Disney staff’s way of making you feel a little extra special…as if being in the happiest place on earth wasn’t special enough!

OH, before I go on with the rest of the story…I would like to say that my wife, while I call her Crazy, is pretty spectacular! And if you’re wondering why I call her Crazy…click on this post and you’ll understand why!

Anyway…back to the story…

After margaritas in Mexico…


Beer in China…


Belinis in Italy…


and Beer in Morocco…


…we were enjoying a glass of wine in France when our friend Lisa, suddenly turned to us and loudly and confusingly proclaimed, “WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP CONGRATULATING ME?”

And that’s when Crazy let her in on what was happening!

Then claimed me as her wife.

Also…it’s how we all came to understand why the handsome Eduardo, working the Belini cart in Italy, didn’t flirt with four cougars out on the prowl…as one may have expected!

For the remainder of the day, we accepted all of the “Congratulations” that were said to us with a hearty “Thank You”…the way that newlyweds should! Or, the way four friends on a “Girls Gone Wild” weekend with no children and no responsibilities should.

As we continued our way through the rest of the world…

…Happily Ever After.



Disclosure: I received special perks in exchange for this blog post. As always, the opinions on this blog are my own.