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For the 3rd year in a row, Bones and I had the opportunity to attend WeDay with Telus…sitting in a box above the crowd and meeting some of the folks on stage.

It’s always a wonderful treat to feel the energy in the room.

8,000 students from Atlantic Canada all gathered in one stadium to celebrate their successes…their volunteer work, their commitment to make a difference. It’s in this room…that I see our children shine!

Craig Kielburger, in both his opening and closing speeches, had those 8,000 students on their feet repeating after him…”We are Powerful”, “We are a Movement”, “We will Change the World.”

He went on to explain that when you stand up against bullying, when you fundraise…you are a hero…you are powerful. When 8,000 young people in Atlantic Canada are part of 200,000 students filling 14 stadiums…young people who are doing service and community work around the word…building schools, promoting education, gathering food for the homeless…you are a movement. When young people take action rather than waiting for someone else…when they’re committed to making a change and helping create a better life…you can change the world.

We Day is a celebration of young people who belong to various WeDay clubs and organizations and those who are working through the We365 App…every one of them making a difference. It’s a day of dancing and inspiration…filled with star power and much excitement to celebrate their success and encourage even more.

It’s a day of happiness…to feel the power…to witness this movement with the knowledge that these kids can indeed…change the world.

TELUS We Day Background 

  • For the fourth consecutive year, TELUS is proud to help inspire young leaders and support positive social change as the national co-title partner of We Day.
  • TELUS and Free The Children have a shared vision – together, they want to help engage and empower youth to harness their innovative ideas, make positive change and become community leaders, both locally and globally.
  • The partnership goes back to 2007. Since then, they have given more than $16 million dollars of support to Free The Children’s efforts in Canada and around the world.
  • TELUS’ We Day sponsorship allows tens of thousands of students across Canada to attend We Day for free creating an engaged community of young people. Youth earn their way to We Day by doing at least one act of good in their community and one act of good globally.
  • This year, TELUS has teamed up with Francesco Yates to remix his hit song ‘Call’ with the help of Canadians to create the social anthem of our generation.
  • For every video shared, TELUS will donate $10 to Free The Children.
  • Today’s technology gives young leaders the power to change the world like never before. It gives people a voice, an audience and helps to amplify messages of positive social change.
  • The TELUS We Day partnership with Free The Children is a five year multi-million dollar partnership as National Co-Title Partner of We Day across Canada.
  • To find out more about Free The Children and We Day, go to

TELUS We Day Program Information 

  • Francesco Yates teamed up with TELUS, MTV and YOU to remix his hit song ‘Call’ to create the social anthem of our generation. Together, we want to inspire young people to accept the call to change the world and start making a difference in their local communities.
  • Watch the remix music video at and share it with your friends with the hashtag #CallForChange. For every video shared, TELUS will donate $10 to Free The Children.
  • Francesco Yates’ will perform the #CallForChange at each stop of the Canadian We Day tour, where the new music video will be featured.
  • We Day, an initiative of Free The Children, is a celebration of youth making a difference in their local and global communities.
  • TELUS is passionate about motivating young minds to create change through the power of technology. Technology gives people a voice and an audience. With the help of Canadians, we’ve created a social anthem that will inspire youth to change the world.

Discolure: Thank you again TELUS for the invite to WE Day! Opinions are my own

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