How I went back to school as a single mom…

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This photo has been making its rounds in my Facebook news feed over the last two days. It completely warms my heart…and brings back a flood of memories.

In September of 1992, I returned to school to obtain a degree in Information Technology. At the time, The Tall Blonde was seven months old. I was single…scared…excited for a new life…and incredibly weary.

The women who worked in the IT program at Mount Saint Vincent University embraced my daughter and I…and were a huge part of making the next four years a huge success.

My mom took care of the baby at home, but often, I’d have her at school with me while working on an assignment in the lab, doing a little group work or even with me during class. My professors and the secretary of the program were amazing.

I recall one class not being able to get the baby to settle and as I attempted to leave the room, my Prof took the baby from her carrier and walked around while teaching…the baby content on her hip. Often, the secretary had a sleeping baby on the floor in her office…thrilled when she woke up so she could spend a little time with her. I’d often arrive later to find a content baby, already fed.

There were multiple late nights at home where I was up with a fussy baby and I knew that she came first…school came second. They made that ok.

The Tall Blonde (while rather short and bald at the time) was loved. The staff at The Mount were delighted to hear stories about her and offer advice. They embraced the both of us and were a huge part of how we started out.

Jean Mills, Paula Crouse, Eve Rosenthal, Glen Flemming and Sonia Verbioff…THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for making it so easy to return to school as a single mom with a young child. These women helped me get back on my feet and gave me the extra encouragement and confidence I needed to make a life for myself and my daughter.

I have incredibly fond memories of my time at MSVU as a student…and years later, was delighted to be invited back to teach the program that I graduated from…working with the exact same women who made such a huge difference in my life.

I am forever grateful.

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