Up until a few days ago, I was still driving around in the “Prom” car while folks honked their horns and waved at me!

You see…Spiderman, with the help of the folks at KIA, put together an awesome Promposal for his best friend and popped the “will you go to the prom with me” question.

You know…a Promposal…


Gone are the days of simply asking. This generation of kids have taken things to the next level and it’s simply adorable.

A quick internet search will find photos of everything from Signs to Pies to Cakes and Pizzas…all with the letters “PROM?” laid out and presented, often publicly, to the person they’d like to invite to the prom.

The creativity is unbelievable…videos showing boys and girls creating elaborate surprises for their friends…each one trying to outdo the other as they show their admiration and affection for the person being asked…it’s sweetness and kindness and teenaged nervousness all thrown together in the most wonderful way.

Back in the day…there was no such thing as “Promposal”…you simply asked someone to the prom and that was that. For me, there was only one boy I wanted to go with. He was older and already graduated…and I simply didn’t have the courage to ask him. Instead, I went with some random guy I met at a Leadership Conference…a boy I barely knew who lived a few hours away from me. On the day of the dance, my brother picked him up at the bus depot and he arrived at the house in jeans and a white suit jacket a la Don Johnson…with a tight curly PERM that he hadn’t had the few weeks before when I’d met him!


With the exception of a dress my Aunt Jo had made that turned out exactly the way I’d wanted…the rest of the event didn’t really turn out in any way how I’d imagined.

So, when Spiderman approached me with the idea of how he’d like to invite his friend…a young girl who has been in our lives since before they went to school and who we think the absolute world of…I checked in to see how we could pull it off…and O’Regan’s KIA was happy to oblige.

Last week…a wee bit jittery but super excited, Spiderman backed into his best friends driveway, held a bouquet of flowers…and waited for her to come out.

She said “yes.”


And Prom for these two, will be absolutely perfect…just as it should be.

(A HUGE thanks to KIA for helping out with the surprise! I enjoyed a few days of driving around while getting odd looks from people but eventually…I had to take it off or I was going to end up going to the Prom with some random stranger. And let’s face it…I’d already been there…and done that!)

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