Regionals, Provincials, Volleyball, Hockey, Meatballs…things are getting silly!


Lately, I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time at the volleyball courts.

It’s probably good timing with hockey winding down and all…but the combination of two competitive sports and two kids going in two different directions while one is winding down and competing for their final games and the other is winding up and beginning a series of competitions…is a little bit of an organizational nightmare!

Last weekend was a treat…BOTH kids played amazingly well (and schedules were such that I didn’t have to choose one kid over the other!) As we were coming down from the high of the boys winning their game on Friday night to gain them a spot in this upcoming weekends Regionals…I headed to the courts to watch our 16U Bedford Blizzards Volleyball Team play in an 18U tournament.

I have to admit, I thought our coach was a little bit NUTS to have us playing with the older girls (who also use a higher net), however, since it was our own club hosting the 18U tournament, I figured we were just going there to get a little experience and enjoy the competition.

But then we won the first game in our pool.

And the second.

And the third.

And you see where this is going, right?

We were undefeated going into semi-finals but the thing is…so was our 18U team who were playing in the other pool and then…both the 16U AND the 18U Bedford Blizzards won their semi-final matches and ALL OF A SUDDEN, we’re playing off against one another for the silver and gold medals.

And what a game it was!

Our senior girls, deservedly took home the gold. They played amazingly well against our girls and our girls held their own amazingly well against the seniors. It was great competition and sheer fun to see these two teams play one another in a most unlikely scenario that had them smiling and laughing at the end of the game as they shook each others hands and began taking pictures with one another.

We finished the day off with cupcakes in celebration of Bones’ 16th birthday…the smile says it all.


This weekend, things are about to get silly.

On Friday night, we begin game one of the high school hockey regionals that will see us playing in games through to Sunday. Our hockey team will be fighting for a much coveted spot in the provincial tournament. But, considering our 8th place team beat out the 2nd place team last weekend to get to the regional tournament…we’ve got a chance to go all the way.

On Saturday, we begin a two-day Volleyball Nova Scotia Super Series tournament that will have our volleyball team playing in games to position them for a spot in provincials in May. Our parents are running the canteen and scorekeeping this event so I’ll be making meatballs and cookies and muffins in between hockey and before volleyball…and I’ll be ducking out of volleyball and missing games to get to hockey…and it’s essentially going to be a nightmare of a weekend for me.

But hopefully, an amazing weekend for both of my kids!

Wish me luck!

I mean…wish them luck!

(But I’ll need it more than them.)


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