Test Drive a KIA for a Chance to Win $10,000

I spent last weekend test driving the new 2017 KIA Sportage, while mine was in having a little Spa Treatment (ie; removal of the winter tires, a lube and filter job and a cleaning.)

There were a couple of standouts…the new car smell being an absolute treat, and a few extra fun design features that I wish my Sedona had (like the awesome grill around the front lights and the KIA label on the hood of the car.)

While I would have loved to take it absolutely everywhere…one adventure after the next, unfortunately, much of the weekend was spent working in my office while the car sat, quite lonely, in my driveaway.


However, I did manage to take it to Morris East for lunch with Heather from @mmmisformommy.

AND…I took a half decent #CarSelfie,


But mostly…it sat while I worked.

By Saturday afternoon, I was feeling so guilty about completely ignoring the car in my driveway, that I ran it down to a local car wash to try to cheer it up! 

And when I was done, I have to admit, it looked a little brighter and shinier!

On Sunday, I did manage to grab a cup of tea and hit the highway for a little drive…the car feeling quite a bit like my Sedona with lots of pep, a bit less room but more of an upright seating. It felt comfortable…and I was rather hooked on the new car smell that my Sedona seems to have lost.


The afternoon found us heading to Boston Pizza for lunch on their outdoor patio in hopes of running into a superhero!




AND…the opportunity to take another #CarSelfie…this time, with a friend!


Mostly, my test drive of 2017 KIA Sportage consisted of me working while it sat in my driveway…with a few side trips out to eat and a couple of selfies.

Including one I grabbed with the kids while driving them to school!


The be completely honest, I haven’t fallen out of love with my Sedona quite yet to fully enjoy test driving another car…but the way I feel about my KIA, I do suggest you head over to 402 Windmill and test drive one for yourself to see what I’m so smitten about!

OH…and for the month of June, when you test drive a KIA, your name will be entered into a draw to win one of thirty prizes of TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Take one out for a spin, show it a good time…I promise, I will show you one right back!


Disclaimer: As a Brand Ambassador for O’Regan’s KIA Dartmouth, I’m happy to celebrate women with the #KIAWorkingMom posts and test drive a car from time to time! Follow KIA Dartmouth on Twitter for all of the latest news and to see what they’re doing in the community. To read more posts about inspiring women, click on the #KIAWorkingMom link. 



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