My Fabulous Front Porch Makeover with #PCGarden


FINALLY it’s DECK TIME! That time of year where a glass of wine and a plate of crackers and cheese can be enjoyed on either the front deck or the back one…depending on my mood and the position of the sun! Where curling under a blanket into the evening and listening to the peepers in the pond down the street…is truly a treat. And when bringing my computer outside to work…is pure bliss.

To make it that much sweeter, once again this year, President’s Choice Lawn and Garden Centres treated me to a Fabulous Front Porch Makeover!

So, here’s the BEFORE…


and the AFTER!


If you recall from last year’s deck makeover, I’m not much of a gardener and even had a difficult time figuring out which direction my house faced! But…with the help from Judy Thompson at Forest Glen Greenhouses in Brookfield, NS (an exclusive grower for President’s Choice and the Atlantic Superstore Garden Centres) I now have the most BEAUTIFUL flower arrangements to enjoy all season long!

On my front porch are various sized planters filled with the PC® Super Gigantico Confetti Garden Mix that include:

  • Lavender Rose Geranium,
  • Fortunia Star Lavender Petunia (PC Exclusive),
  • Callie White” Calibrachoa, &
  • Twister Burgundy” Verbena (PC Exclusive)

A daily dose of water, dead-heading the geraniums when the blooms have faded, and a little dead-heading of the petunias and verbena…plus some plant food…and I’ll be enjoying these containers well into September (October if the weather treats us well!)

pc_4pc_5pc_3   pc_8pc_9pc_14

To make the space even more enjoyable, I perused through the Home Collection for Summer 2016 at Atlantic Superstore (which incorporates new products from 3 private label brands: President’s Choice®, Life at Home® and Everyday Essentials™…embracing the newest and best in décor and design trends). I found the perfect blanket to curl up in on cool summer evenings, a fabulous lantern to add a little ambiance to the evening, and a wonderful water pitcher set (that won’t always be filled with water!) 

pc_10 pc_7

The summer season is short and now that it’s upon us, head out to your nearest Atlantic Superstore Garden Centre and make your space exactly what you need!

For me…it’s a spot of refuge. A place to enjoy a little time to myself…or a chat with a friend.



Visit the My PC Garden website for fabulous ideas and to check out what’s available in store…AND…make sure to drop into an Atlantic Superstore Garden Centre near you for all of your planting needs.


President’s Choice #PCGarden would like to offer one reader the opportunity to win a $50 PC® gift card (valid at No Frills, Superstore or Loblaws) to help make their front porch FABULOUS! The contest is open to all Canadian residents (outside of Quebec) 18 years or older. Fill out the form below to be entered to win:


Disclaimer: I was provided these wonderful flowers in exchange for writing this post. All opinions, as always, are my own! 

63 Replies to “My Fabulous Front Porch Makeover with #PCGarden”

  1. I have to be honest I wouldn’t call me the best green thumb person in the world. Where I live you could say the black flies will carry you away, but with a little perseverance and lots of bug spray I got to plant some perennials yes perennials. I love the fact that they come back year after year. I love my Daffodils that my mother in law gave us for one of our anniversary presents. They start off the blooming as they are so pretty which makes me smile every morning and I hate to see them go as they bring so much joy. I have to say my most favourite perennial I have is a green shrub that grows little pink flowers ( They are called Pinks) that has the best aroma when walking up my steps. We have been adding to our yard as a couple years ago we bought a beautiful pink rose bush that I do snip the roses off to put on my table along with a lilac tree that in a couple more years will hopefully be fully bloomed and smelling lovely taking me back to my childhood days of picking them off a family friends tree. Flowers bring so much joy along with happiness and though it’s hard work I love reaping the benefits of having a beautiful little perennial garden.

  2. Simply stunning! What a difference between the before and after pictures.

  3. We have a balcony garden and love to have a hanging basket full of wildflowers!

  4. Looking to superstore tomorrow for a Gardenia plant….if anyone has it, it’ll be superstore!

  5. Love this so much. We have just repainted our front porch and door but I can see I need to get some flowers for the finishing touch to brighten things up. I got a hanging basket from the kids for Mother’s Day that I love seeing every day but I’m loving those big planters!

  6. I absolutely love begonias and there are so many colours and varieties to choose from

  7. Love the outcome! I have a concrete stoop so aside from having a few plants, there’s no place to do something like this. Jealous!

  8. I love pretty hanging baskets,,flowers makes everything look so pretty!

  9. I am just starting to learn how to garden.
    I enjoy LOTS of flowers with some neat grasses.

  10. I love gardening my favorite flowers are petunias, I also plant some veggies like lettuce, cucumbers, onion and spinach I mostly container garden do to mobility issues

  11. Although I do love to garden,this year I have to say no to quite a few things til I get my health under control . I was in the city and took mega pics onto instagram because there was SO much that I would have loved to have bought!! I did, however, splurge on a basket from loblaws that was on sale for $7.50!!! Its growing quite well too!!

  12. I like to use yellow and purple flowers together in hanging baskets because I find they’re easier to maintain.

  13. I have a small garden with Lillies in it and hanging baskets and planters. My favorite colour flowers are yellow.

  14. I just love to grow sunflowers in my garden! 🙂 They grow so big and beautiful!

  15. I like my gardens with lots of flowers and my favorite would be my peonies.

  16. I’m not a big gardener. A couple of my favourites are lilacs and peonies!

  17. I’m more into planting vegetables than flowers. If I were going to have flowers I’d probably go with lilacs.

  18. I use mostly planters and baskets as I hate to weed. We have a mostly shaded property so I love impatiens!

  19. I love the time I spend on my porch in the summer. My favorite plants there are begonia’s and double impatients.

  20. I’m drawn to reds and pinks but I like a colourful garden. I love bleeding heart bushes, they are one of my all time favourite, and I also really love lilacs.

  21. I have a huge vegetable garden and plant enough for my neighbours and our local foodbank. I don’t do flowers even though I like to look at them. So excited to start seeing the fruits of our labour.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  22. I like to garden anywhere . I am lucky to be one of those people that can grow just about anything. I really miss having a yard but still grow stuff in pots in my apartment . I love hibiscus and birds of prey flowers , and especially plumeria from Hawaii

  23. I like low maintenance gardening with plants that don’t require much work. I love the colour combo of white and pink flowers. This time of year I really enjoy lilacs and peonies.

  24. I like to plant flowers in decorative planters at the front and back of the house. I did shop for my flowers at PC Garden centers & bought gerber daisies (they seem to be quite popular this year!) in bright reds & oranges which is my fave combo & I matched them with my new red outdoor throw pillows from PC! I also buy a lot of Dusty Miller’s too which are my son’s favorite.

  25. I love gardening and usually plant both veggie garden and flower garden. I love the way you planted and upgraded your porch. I really like also the way that your stain looks, it’s almost like it’s plastic. Love the look

  26. I love perennials and some of my favorites are the shasta daisies,coral bells and lilies.My favorite colors are reds, pinks,purples,yellows and white. I have hanging baskets and planters out too.I also love planting vegetables. Tomatoes,cucumbers and zucchini are my favorites but I love all of them and love to share with my neighbors too.

  27. I am not very good at gardening, but I buy flowers every year for the front walkway. I like to buy bright, colourful flowers. I also plant Sunflowers.

  28. What a pretty yard! I always have perennial in my gardens, plant once & chat to them all the time! I love a bleeding heart, very low maintence but looks so soft. I do pick up annuals for certain colours as well they are perfect for hanging baskets.

  29. I love to garden and have a combination of flower beds and containers. We also have a big vegetable garden. My son is just starting to show interest so the pots are fun for him to look after.

  30. I like to garden more fruits and vegetables then flowers. I do have some flowers. They are purple I’m not sure what they are.

  31. My gardening is solely for veggies, I leave the flowers and plants to my girlfriend!

  32. I am not a big gardener but i do love tulips in various colors to spruce up the front of the house!

  33. i don’t normally like to garden but your before and after pics are very inspiring. thanks for the contest!

  34. I have a small backyard, but I love my little section that is my rose garden and I love my other little section that is my veggie garden.

  35. I like my garden which consists of hanging plants and planters. Lots of flowers adds colour. I like petunias as they come in so many colours and are easy to grow.

  36. We do not have a garden of flowers but rather a garden of fruits and vegetables. My favorite would have to be cucumbers and tomatoes… YUUMMMM..

  37. I don’t have a green thumb so I like to use hardy plants that will have a chance in my garden.

  38. I really am not a good gardener and fight with weeds. I love low maintenance shrubs and bushes. I also love flowering trees and shrubs. I love a bit of colour 🙂

  39. we have just started gardening – right now I am liking pink and purple flowers

  40. I have mostly perennials – my favorite are my rose bushes. I also like to plant some annual pots each year. In addition I have a small vegetable garden that I like to tinker in.

  41. I have mostly perennials – my favorite are my rose bushes. I also like to plant some annual pots each year. In addition I have a small vegetable garden that I like to spend time in.

  42. I love to garden, which makes having ZERO yard very challenging. That being said, I am determined this summer to have flowers galore on my patio. I love colourful flowers and tend to go for purple and bright pinks. I would love to attract a Hummingbird. Wouldn’t that be fun?

    By the way, your makeover is gorgeous! It looks so cozy and welcoming. 🙂

  43. Honestly I don’t have much of a green thumb that I try to go for perennials and the cheapest ones at that

  44. I do not have a green thumb at all when it comes to gardening but love to try my hand at it over and over. Currently I have hanging baskets.

  45. I love gardening. This year I plan on going with white, ivory, and shades of pink for my color combination for my flowers in the front garden. I can’t wait for the weather to get better so I can get shopping for flowers.

  46. I love gardening! We have a large vegetable garden & even got a PC tomatillo & PC strawberries. Love all the offering of flowers, vegetables, etc the PC greenhouse has! ?