Helping with the Back-to-School Blues and Sears Canada

Noah and Mom

Over the last few weeks, multiple people have asked me how I’m handling things as Noah is about to head off to university. I’ve done my best to push the question away but the fact remains, I’m feeling the back-to-school blues.

For the second time, I’ll be sending one of my kids off to university and added to that empty nest feeling, is the fact that this one’s heading out of province for his first year (at least Emily waited until year three!)

It’s good. It’s fine. It’s going to be great. My boy is about to explore and spread his wings…make it on his own without me…but there’s this pang in my heart that I just can’t avoid.

I’m still not quite ready to talk about it and the fact is, I’m still in a little bit of denial. In my mind, September is FAR AWAY…so I barely need to think about it…right?

There will be blog posts, there will be tears.

Back to School with Sears Canada

In the meantime, while I’m burying my head in the sand about back-to-school, many folks are preparing to wind down from Summer . As the school year approaches and kids begin to get a little anxious, it brings as much stress for parents as it does for their children. Between needing to purchase school supplies, new clothes and other necessities…66% of Canadian parents admit to feeling financially strained at back-to-school time.

September has a way of creeping up on us…and emptying our pocket books.

One of the big problems, kids want to dress to impress with the latest fashions and hippest looks as they head back to the classroom. A new study conducted by Sears Canada shows that almost half of Canadian parents don’t feel comfortable choosing clothes for their kids and 63% think trendy clothes are expensive. In fact, most parents spend $121.00 or more on one single back-to-school outfit with one in five parents spending more than $400.00 per child as they head back to the classroom.

It’s no surprise that parents feel a financial pinch every September…throw in all of their activity registrations for the “new year,” and it’s downright daunting!

]Sears Canada Back-to-School Infographic

To help ease the burden, Sears Canada has created affordable, stylish top-to-toe outfits for $65 and under. That means everything from tops to bottoms to backpacks and shoes. This year, parents don’t have to break the bank to keep their kids in the latest trends.

Check out some of the great options from Sears Canada, and drop into the store or online to make heading back-to-school much more affordable and less stressful for all.

Sears Back To School

Sears Back to School

Sears Back to School

In the meantime, along with picking up a few outfits for my kids…I’ll be perusing up and down the aisles of my local Sears Canada in order to find a mini-fridge, microwave, hangers, a bedside lamp, bedding, waste paper basket and towels to outfit a dorm room.

Just as soon as I un-bury my head from this sand!

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Sears Canada is a multi-channel retailer with a network that includes 159 corporate stores, 125 Hometown stores, over 1,200 catalogue and online merchandise pick-up locations, 84 Sears Travel offices and a nationwide repair and service network. The Company also publishes Canada’s most extensive general merchandise catalogue and offers shopping online at


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