All You Need is Love…and Netflix. #StreamTeam


While I can’t play an instrument and can barely handle a tune, I’m one of the biggest music fans going! For me, there’s nothing better than jumping in the car and heading down the highway with the stereo cranked…or going out for an evening to enjoy a bit of live music.

There’s just something about it…that’s deep in my soul.

This month, Netflix released its brand new show, Beat Bugs…an original series for kids inspired by music made famous by the Beatles. The shows are uplifting stories filled with melody, hope and the wonders of friendship…and the music includes all-star cover artists including Pink, Jennifer Hudson, Rod Stewart, Sia and James Corden to name a few.

It’s the perfect way to introduce amazing music to a new generation…just look what the celebrities have to say in this Behind the Scenes Featurette.

To celebrate the start of the new show, Netfix’s #StreamTeam were asked to post a video tribute to the Beatles. Well, I already mentioned I can barely carry a tune…then throw in the fact my kids aren’t really up to making a video with me…and I had to think of Plan B!

As some of you know…I’ve a little crush on a wonderful Canadian Musician by the name of Paul Lamb (see what I did there, Paul was a member of the former band Crush!) However, I have an even bigger crush on his four-year old son, Mason.

Paul is my go-to live musician when I’m in the mood to sit back and hear awesome things like this…

And he’s my go-to friend…when I need him to do things like this…

At four, Mason has been introduced to music by his talented Dad from the very beginning. At any given time, if you visit their home, Mason is happily playing the drums or singing along while playing the piano while his Dad is busy writing a new tune or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Paul, his wife Carolyn, and his son Mason…have been a staple in my life for a number of years. Just like the Beat Bugs, I’m lucky to be surrounded by those who can fill me with melody, hope and the wonders of friendship.

Find out more about Paul at Check out his music on iTunes or pop into the Lower Deck where most weekends you’ll find Paul either solo, with his musician partner, Cory Tetford, or with his band, Wreckhouse.

Season 1 of “Beat Bugs” is available on Netflix…and for those of you who don’t have an account, fill out the form below for your chance to win a three-month subscription!


Good luck to everyone and happy streaming!

Special thanks to Paul and Mason who have repeatedly taught me that…

All you need is love.


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