Getting comfy and cozy for back to school with SportChek…


This week has been a whirlwind…and it’s not over yet!

I knew when Monday hit, that we were in for a ride.

Between throwing himself an 18th birthday party, finishing his last shift at work before he heads out-of-town, figuring out what he needs for his dorm room and back to school, as well as spending a bit of time with family and friends…there’s been shopping and lunching and partying and visiting and list making and craziness!

Tomorrow…Noah leaves.


In the meantime, while I’m still pretending it’s not entirely happening, we’ve been “Back 2 School” shopping and for someone who loves to be cozy and comfortable…Noah found cozy and comfortable in the form of a few t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants just perfect for university life.


Noah’s first choice for shopping has always been SportChek. In fact, it’s what brought him to the Bayer’s Lake location, over a year ago, to apply for a job. The fact is, between the time he spent browsing and the money he spent on clothing and hockey gear…he figured he may as well apply for a job at a store where he liked to shop.

Last summer, through the school year, and this summer…his manager and all of the folks he has worked with have been FANTASTIC. He truly enjoys going to work every single shift and the things he has learned about customer service, business and being a team player have been incredibly valuable. His manager, Monica, has been a huge influence and support in his life over the last year…showing him what it’s like to be a wonderful mentor. While Noah’s sports schedule has likely been difficult for her to deal with, she has worked with him to make sure he’s been able to be both a good athlete, student and employee.

This week…Noah had a little fun picking out a few new pieces for back to school. Since he sees the clothing on a regular basis, it didn’t take long for him to decide the items he wanted. BUT, since not everyone has first hand knowledge of what’s in store and on sale, I’ll fill you in.

What’s in store:

I poked around the store and here’s a few of the specials I saw (but don’t take my word for it! Visit them online or drop by in person!):

  • Kid’s select footwear and clothing – 25% off
  • Spend $125 on footwear and get $25 gift card towards your next purchase
  • Spend $100 on Under Armour and receive 1,000 Scene Points
  • Buy 3 or 4 hockey protective gear and get 20% off, buy 5 or more get 25% off.
  • And as always, there’s the junior hockey skate exchange program where, when you buy any junior skate, you get 1/2 of what you paid next year towards a new pair

sportchek1 sportchek2sportchek5sportchek8sportchek6

Drop into SportChek and meet some of their fabulous staff (including my friend Pam waving in the previous photo!) You’ll find great deals for the entire family no matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for…whether you’re heading into tryouts, hitting the slopes, improving your golf swing, running a marathon…or off to another province, for your first year of university.


Disclaimer: Nope, Monica didn’t pay me to say nice things about her! I was approached by the PR folks with SportChek, to write a sponsored post for Back to School and I have no problem talking about this fantastic company! While it is a sponsored post and I’m compensated for my work, as always, the opinions and stories are my own.

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  1. aww, I’m all verklempt! We love having the big guy working for us and he’s been a great addition to the team. Now we look forward to having Meg join the team! I’m blessed to have a great job and amazing staff:)