Finding a little “me” time…and DIY Lavender Bath Salts


With September upon us, it’s been a bit of a wild week around here. I’m not good with change, and with Noah heading off to university, I’m having a bit of a tough time adjusting. Throw in the fact that I got a little run down with everything that needed to be done to get him ready and a house that’s on the market…and this momma ended up with a sinus and lung infection!!! So…I took a little breather (with the help of a puffer)…and set in motion a little relaxation and “me” time.

Movies, books, writing, a glass of wine and a bath are typically my favourite things to do to set my mind at ease. Sometimes, reading a good book with a glass of wine while in the bath is the perfect combo!

To make the bath extra relaxing, I made some Lavender Bath Salts…and you should too!



  • 4 cups Epsom salts
    Epsom salts are known to sooth sore muscles as they contain magnesium sulfate which draws toxins from the body and helps to reduce swelling. Epsom salts also help exfoliate your skin and the magnesium acts as a relaxant!
  • 1 cup coarse Sea Salt
    Sea Salt is naturally high in minerals that are beneficial to the skin and body (in particular your lungs and breathing). Do not use table salt as most of the healing benefits have been processed out!
  • 6 drops of red and 5 drops of blue food colouring
    You can also buy purple…but it’s just as easy to mix red and blue to find the perfect shade…I found a little extra red helped me with the perfect Lavender shade. (Or you can just skip the food colouring and go au naturel!)
  • 30 drops lavender essential oil
    Essential Oils are perfect for scenting the bath salts and have other benefits as well…mostly, their aromatherapy qualities! I decided to make Lavender Bath Salts to help me relax…but you can use various oils for your particular needs. I chose to use the doTerra Lavender Essential Oil after receiving a lovely gift package of essential oils from the #LetsGoRama Blogger Conference I attended last month.
  • 1 cup baking soda

    Baking soda helps to neutralize acids on the skin, washes away oil and is quite effective in easing discomfort from itchy skin (especially after a sunburn!) I’ve used baking soda in my baths for years as it has great healing properties for ridding your body of toxins.

  • 4 Tablespoons dried lavender blossoms
    Lavender blossoms aren’t absolutely necessary…but they sure look pretty and smell fantastic! I picked mine up at Humani-T Cafe in Halifax (a shop filled with all sorts of wonderful healthy products as well as fabulous food!)


  1. Start with a large metal or glass bowl and mix together the salts (plastic and wood are porous and you’ll end up with lavender-scented bowls!)
  2. Add the food colouring mix well. The food colouring will clump together and you’ll think you made a huge mistake until the colours start to blend! Keep mixing. (Oh, and make sure to use a metal spoon for the same reason you’re using a metal or glass bowl!)
  3. Add the essential oils (you can add them at the same time as the food colouring) and mix well.
  4. Mix in the baking soda. (Make sure to add this last as it’s easier to mix in when you’ve already dealt with the clumping of the food colouring!)
  5. Mix in the dried lavender blossoms.
  6. Place in an air-tight containers with pretty labels and ribbons…and be sure to use for your next bath or for gifts for your friends!

lavender3 lavender10 lavender11 lavender5 lavender7 lavener13

Last night, I had a few girlfriends in for wine and snacks and sent them each home with a jar of Lavender Bath Salts to show them how much I appreciate each and every one of them. The thing is, we’re all busy…but taking time out of our busy days to relax is needed from time to time to set things straight.

It’s been a bit of a rough week, but “me” time to relax, time spent with friends and an antibiotic & puffer…is just what the doctor ordered!

Here’s hoping you’re able to ward off the stresses…and find a bit of time for you!


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