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What on earth would posses three incredibly busy women to entertain the idea of hosting a blog conference in Halifax in 2015? And then, realizing its success, do it again in 2016?

I’m not entirely sure…but I’m so glad they did!

Last year’s BlogJam Atlantic was absolutely FANTASTIC! For a one day conference on EVERYTHING SOCIAL MEDIA, it brought together bloggers and experts from across Atlantic Canada to discuss everything and anything to do with blogging…and the ins and outs of every social media platform imaginable!

BlogJam 2016 is happening THIS SUNDAY, November 6th, and I’m super excited to be one of the guest speakers with Curtains are Open and one of the sponsors through East Coast Mom Media. I’ve had a sneak peek into the operations as I’ve watched three fearless co-organizers and various volunteers work to arrange guest speakers and sponsors in order to turn this year’s event into something SPECTACULAR.

The three co-organizers have worked tirelessly…so that social media folks in Atlantic Canada can find exactly what they need while connecting with some fantastic people who are creating content, working with brands, telling their stories and having an absolute blast on social media!

As part of the #KIAWorkingMom Series, and since O’Regan’s KIA Dartmouth is one of the sponsors at this year’s event…I’d like to introduce you to Krista, Kerra and Renee.

Left to Right…Krista, Kerra and Renee

Here’s a little about each…

Krista Monteplare

Originally from Ontario, Krista fell in love with the Maritimes, its people and communities. Passionate about feminism, the environment, and the Oxford comma…Krista works as a Research Grants Coordinator and Publications Editor during the day, but fills in the gaps as a blogger with Halitrax, co-organizer of BlogJam and running her Etsy shop Your Vintage Kitchen (where she researches every piece she discovers to learn about its back story, production history, origin etc…)

Krista is a 5 time alarm girl who, upon getting up, pours herself coffee for the duration of the day! She’s busy from morning til night and looks forward to stepping into the house at the end of her day job to be greeted by her dog Rigby. She hits the sack around 9pm when her brain no longer functions…and is off dreaming of her next adventure before her head hits the pillow.

On the weekends, Krista takes time to visit some of the best hiking spots in Nova Scotia including Duncan’s Cove, Cape Split, and Shubie park. When she’s not off hiking, a brunch with friends is always a highlight with a little thrifting thrown in to make the weekend complete. Krista volunteers with Symphony Nova Scotia and is a huge fan of Netflix (aren’t we all!)

Krista believes strongly in the blogging community and was instrumental in starting BlogJam for idea-sharing, discussion, and networking in an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

Kerra Aucoin

If you’ve spent any time with Kerra, you’ll know that she lives and breathes social media. Kerra is originally from Cheticamp, Cape Breton…and moved to Halifax in 2001 to attend university where she obtained a Commerce Degree with a double major in Marketing and HR. By 2014, with her education and a bit of experience behind her, Kerra Opened KA Social Media and hasn’t looked back!

A typical workday…well, with running her business and being one of the co-organizers of BlogJam Atlantic, you can find Kerra supporting local businesses, attending networking events, exploring the town and discovering new parts of the province. All the while…she’s showcasing her day and sharing her expertise on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn.

For fun and adventure, Kerra loves to explore, head out on a road trip or try out a new restaurant either with friends or her brand new husband! Kerra’s working on the work/life balance thing but like most, that’s a bit of a challenge.

Renee Downs

Renee Downs once owned her own cakery business, she’s a blogger, she works part-time at MSVU, volunteers at her son’s school, runs her own Epicure business, is the creative direct for MozStudios (that she runs with her husband), and is currently working on publishing her second book (she published her first one, Sisters of Avalon, in 2013.) Essentially, Renee works full-time at LIFE!

Renee and her husband are parents to two children…who are nothing alike. While both creative, the family spends their time chasing their children’s imaginations and are simply happy to oblige as there’s always a new adventure around the corner.

When she’s not busy with work and family…Renee takes a little time for self-reflection through yoga and meditation. From time to time, she can be found in the kitchen decorating a specialty cake for a friend or family member and most recently, she’s been putting together baskets for those looking for unique gifts for that special occasion. Renee loves her craft room/office/hideaway.

As for BlogJam Atlantic, Renee originally signed up thinking she’d like to volunteer some of her time…but like everything else she does, she jumped in head first and hasn’t regretted a moment!

BlogJam Atlantic

Sunday, November 6, 2016 at Pier 21, Atlantic Canadian bloggers will join forces and share their expertise in a one day conference full of information and laughter. Check out their website for more information.

A huge thanks to O’Regan’s KIA Dartmouth for being one of the fabulous sponsors this year!


Disclaimer: As a Brand Ambassador for O’Regan’s KIA Dartmouth, I’m happy to celebrate women with the #KIAWorkingMom posts. Follow KIA Dartmouth on Twitter for all of the latest news and to see what they’re doing in the community. To read more posts about inspiring women, click on the #KIAWorkingMom link. 

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  1. Great job Colleen. Thank you for supporting Blog Jam! We always love having you hang with us gals! And big thank you to Kia as well! We are so excited for this weekend.