Man Flu – Fact or Fiction? #SDMFluFighters #Giveaway

By the time I hauled my butt to the doctor I was pretty sure I had a nasty case of the “man flu.”

You know…like the woman flu, but SO MUCH WORSE!

I’ve been miserable for a number of weeks with what started as a cold…and didn’t let up. I had the sniffles. Then the full on snots! There have been headaches, sore ears and aches and pains galore. And then, I was so stuffed up that my face was actually swollen and just the glasses resting on my nose was uncomfortable not to mention, I actually got dizzy if I blew too hard!

I’ve been through FOUR boxes of tissues since the holidays and even had a visit with an Osteopath in hopes of trying to clear things up…and while it helped a little…NOTHING was putting an end to the misery.

All the while I’ve been working, visiting with clients, lunching, networking, attending my daughter’s volleyball tournament, cleaning, cooking…I was popping pills to squash the headaches and taking cold meds at night in order to keep me working and continuing all of my mom-jobs when it finally hit me.

It MUST be the dreaded “Man flu!”

Except that I’d had my flu shot. And well, I’m not a man!

So, confused and a wee bit frustrated, I headed to the doctor and in no time, walked out of his office with not one but TWO prescriptions and a serious recommendation for a few days of rest.

Turns out I’ve got a sinus infection to end all sinus infections and while I’m not one to ignore orders, I grabbed my coziest blanket and my noble beast…poured myself a cup of tea, turned on the TV, put aside my work…and rested.

But what is this MAN FLU people speak of…and really, is it so much worse than the one women get? Are men just whiners, or does the flu actually hit them worse?

“Man flu” is widely seen as a myth but researchers have found evidence that might explain why the men/boys in our lives always seem to have a harder time when flu season rolls around.

Apparently the male mantra of “living fast and dying young” means they fail to build up their immune system like women. Men tend to be more vulnerable to getting infected or less able to clear infection.

In fact, across a range of animal species, males tend to be the “weaker sex” in relation to immune defenses, usually because of hormonal differences. This has been supported by more recent studies, which suggest estrogen has anti-viral qualities that provide women with greater protection against influenza.

Regardless of whether you buy the “man flu” as a legitimate excuse, the safest thing to do is get your flu shot. In the battle of the sexes, vaccinations don’t pick sides.

So, here’s to getting the flu shot this year, to my estrogen filled body that has the power to fight a little longer, to antibiotics and steroids that help when it turns out I have a bit more than a cold…to boxes of tissues, cozy blankets, my noble beast…and a few days of much-needed rest!

Flu Shot


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Disclosure: I am compensated for my part in the #SDMFluFighters program, all opinions are my own.

44 Replies to “Man Flu – Fact or Fiction? #SDMFluFighters #Giveaway”

  1. I find homemade chicken noodle soup and a warm cozy bed help to make me feel a bit better when I am sick.

  2. Oh for me it’s a hot cup of tea, a bowl of chicken noodle soup, a hot bath, and a cuddle on the couch with my cat. Or if I am really sick, getting cozy in bed with my fleece sheets and duvet.

  3. Going out for a walk with my dog or spending some quality time with my kids reminds me what is important and that sometimes I have to do things I don’t want to so that I can also do things that I do.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  4. Gingerale. I love gingerale when I’m not feeling well. Vicks Vaporub is a staple for when anyone is not feeling well in my house (except my husband who won’t use it). Snuggling up with a cozy blanket and the hot water bottle is soothing too.

  5. When that happens, it often is related to not taking care of myself properly. Sleep, lemon ginger tea with raw honey that I cook on the stove, my oregano oil, elderberry syrup, a warm soak and massaging myself with the oil blend I make often works to rejuvenate if not help me recover my strength. I also make miso soup or a hot pot as broths and anything soupy is warming, comforting & nourishing to the body and soul.

  6. I hate it when Dave starts to get sick, I know what’s coming if I don’t put a stop to it. If he starts clearing his throat, I scream at him to go to bed, load him up on Vitamin D and C and make sure I have enough honey and lemon on hand. (and sleepaids for me…)

  7. As long as I don’t have a headache, music will make me feel better when I’m under the weather.

  8. In my house we have Canada Dry Gingerale and Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup at the ready for just such emergencies.

  9. Cup of chicken soup, a cozy blanket and a good movie on Netflix is what I do when I’m not feeling that good.

  10. The things that usually help me are a hot shower, a nap or some good music. I usually opt for hot tea too.