How to Decorate your Planner with Washi Tape

January is the time for setting goals and NEW PLANNERS! And, to kick off the new year in style, here’s how to decorate your planner with Washi Tape!

Remember when I said I was planning on doing more with my hands this year, stepping away from the computer to do a few “art” and “design” projects to get my creativity flowing?

Well…I decided to start with a visit to the craft store to drum up a few ideas and HOLY CRAP! I’ve found my new OBSESSION!

I’ll admit, when I first started to see this “Washi Tape” popping up in craft stores I thought “that’s ridiculous.” I mean really…who want’s to see coloured tape on their wrapping paper…and then I thought, hmmmm…it might look cool on brown paper packages.

Annnnndddd that was the end of my thoughts on the patterened tape…until, I found Washi Tape Stickers, Quotes, Post-Its and everything else you can imagine for your CALENDARS and DAY PLANNERS and now I’m 100% sold!!

I LOVE my day planner. I’m a paper planner person all the way. I keep a small calendar on my phone…but not much goes into it besides a few reminders from time to time. Two years ago, I discovered the Day Designer planner and last week when my 2017 planner arrived, I immediately went out and bought new black markers to make it all neat and perfect inside! For me…I need to write it down or it doesn’t happen! I’ve notes and appointments and to do lists and goals…and it’s all there laid out in this perfect little book that lives on my desk.

With the discovery of this amazing, beautiful, decorative tape (told you I’m obsessed) and all of the wonderful little accessories for planners in the craft store, I’m TOTALLY making my Day Designer FANCY!

I took my first crack at it for January’s calendar and throughout the month I’ll use the bits and pieces on my daily calendars but I don’t plan on decorating every single day as I’ll spend more time crafting than I will working (trust me, I was a heavy-duty scrapbooker back in the day so I know how carried away I can get!) Just a quick peek around and I’ve discovered that there are full Pinterest Boards, websites, You Tube videos, classes…all dedicated to everything you can possibly want to know about decorating your day planners and already I’m wanting to make a trip back to the craft store!

I’m excited to make fancy pages and look forward to showing you more at the beginning of each new month!!!

I’m just getting started…

How to decorate your planner with Washi TapeHow to decorate your planner with Washi Tape How to decorate your planner with Washi Tape

Let the crafting begin…


 – – – – – – – –

Have you used Washi Tape for any fun projects? Let me know in the comments below.