One Day at a Time #StreamTeam

I’ll be completely honest, I wasn’t all that hyped about the fact that Netflix did a remake of the 70s hit One Day at a Time…mostly, because I can’t really say I was a huge fan the first time around.

I should be fair…I was young when it was on and many of the jokes got lost on me. I didn’t connect with the characters as it was quite a bit different than how I was growing up…though I do remember worshiping the clothes that Barbara wore (played by the beautiful Valerie Bertenelli) and I remember enjoying the character of Schneider.

But mostly, when I heard Netflix had remade the show, I didn’t get all excited like I have with other remakes.

In hindsight however, I have a pretty crappy memory! So…I really need to remember to never judge remakes on what I recall from the past because I watched all 13 episodes of Netflix’s One Day at a Time and I have to tell you…it was REFRESHINGLY FANTASTIC. I was reminded how awesome Sitcoms used to be! AND, if this were the 80s or 90s, when my family would pop a little jiffy pop on the stove and curl up to watch TV together, I’d totally be looking forward to the Thursday night lineup just for this show alone!

In fact, while I’m a great fan of binge watching TV…this show made me a little nostalgic for the entire “sitcom” feeling of waiting for the weekly show to watch with your favourite people.

Check out the trailer:

One Day at a Time feels NEW…totally refreshing, upbeat, funny, thought-provoking, enjoyable…everything you love about a great show complete with well-timed jokes and lovable characters who disagree one moment and hug it out the next. It is a JOY to watch. You don’t need to know a thing about the original show to begin watching the new one but what they have in common is the ability to bring important, timeless topics to the screen. Which is what the first one was about as well…I was just too young to “get” it.

The show is based on a Cuban-American family headed by single mom, Penelope Alvarez, and her two children Alex and Elena. Rounding out the family is their HILARIOUS Grandmother, Lydia…and of course their landlord, Schneider. It’s a funny and sweet comedy that draws you in from the very moment the show begins…right to the end…and wanting more. With each episode, you get deeper and deeper invested into the characters and by the end of the season you’re completely wrapped up in their lives in the most wonderful way.

One Day at a Time is the perfect show to watch with your children as it covers incredibly important topics that are sometimes tough to broach with teens including Sexism, PTSD, Immigration, Family Economics, Sexuality and Religion…all in the most easily understandable and loving way…as a family.

I laughed. I cried. I completely fell in love with every single character who each reminded me that Life can be Tough, Life can be Sweet, Life can be Amazing…and it’s One Day at a Time.


What are you currently bingeing? 

Disclaimer: I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with Netflix….however, as always, opinions and stories are my own.