Do you want to build a snowman? #NSStorm

Meg began singing the song from Frozen quite some time ago.

“Do you want to build a snowman,” she’d exclaim in the Disney sing-song tune…usually as we’d be heading off in the car to one practice or another.

She’d continue…and in between each statement of the song…I’d calmly explain all of the reasons why I do not, in fact, wish to build a snowman.

Since Christmas, Meg has added a ukulele to her act and I’m serenaded on a daily basis.

It’s become our thing.

Then today, in the middle of the massive SNOWMAGEDON that’s hit Halifax, I finally said “Yes!”

With one condition…I didn’t have brave the frigid cold.

This afternoon, with the snow coming down and the wind howling outside, we opened the window to my bedroom ensuite, and on the slant of the roof…built our friend.

And when we were done…we built our friend a friend.

So they could wait out the storm together.

While we stayed warm inside.


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