Chances are, you’ve been cheated on! #StreamTeam

If you clicked on this post just to read about the details of my failed marriage…I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. Chances are, you’ve been cheated on…but, I’m talking about a completely different kind of cheating…the NETFLIX kind!

You know, when you’re totally into watching a show together…and your partner completely breaks your trust by watching ahead! They don’t tell you!!! They sneak and they lie and hide it from you!

Maybe you’ve been cheated on…or maybe, you’re the cheater!

With cheating, some do it while away on business trips, other’s while at work…or, the most daring of them all, when you’re still in the house…sound asleep.

These days, there’s absolutely no commitment to seeing something through to the end together and survey results show that FORTY SIX percent of couples cheat! Full on, sneaking around, hiding it from their partners…CHEATERS!

In fact, EIGHTY ONE percent cheat more than once!

I mean…I get it…I do. You see something exciting and you’re completely interested in seeing how it plays out…then you need to hide it so you lie…you sneak…next thing you know you’re so wrapped up in it that it’s over and what’s the point in telling someone once it’s done. So you go on living as if you never cheated…and hope you don’t get caught!

Based on a Netflix survey, the top temptations are Narcos (which I’ve yet to watch), Stranger Things (amazing), Orange is the New Black (Season 5 coming out in June), House of Cards (O.EM.GEE) and Black Mirror (haven’t watched yet.)

I hear about people cheating all the time…there’s just so much good stuff out there…and no way to stop!

For me, I’m single so there’s really no one to cheat on! This last last little bit I’ve been spending a lot of time guilt-free bingeing on various shows including:

  • One Day at a Time (I wrote about it here.)
  • Jane the Virgin (watched every single season and new episodes too)
  • Santa Clarita Diet (couldn’t look away…can’t unsee what I saw!)
  • Suits (I was behind a season and now I’m caught up an excited for the next one)
  • Scandal (new episodes weekly)

I’ve watched them all at my own time and pace…and didn’t have to worry about cheating at all!

However, I have to admit, on the RARE occasion when I’m watching a show with my youngest…I MAY look ahead and re-watch them with her just so she doesn’t find out!! Which possibly means I don’t want to disappoint her…or, it could mean I’m totally scared of how she’d react if she found out!

If you’re wondering how to get away with cheating…Netflix offers up a couple of tips!

Fess up…have you cheated on your significant other? What show is worth it? Let us in on your secrets and share in the comments below. 

Disclaimer: I’m a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and receive special perks, however, all opinions are my own.