A “Flower and Photography” Workshop with ECMMedia

If you were to attend a gallery opening at Holly Winchester’s Gallery Nineteen Nineteen, in the North End of Halifax, Holly would be very quick to introduce me as her blogger friend, “who came up with the idea to turn the space into a gallery.”

While that might be true…I made the suggestion, but nothing else. Holly and her team purged through old furniture and files, hired electricians, painters and handymen…and after quite a process, Gallery Nineteen Nineteen was born.

Over the last few months, there have been spectacular art exhibits from amazingly talented artists…just inside of Dean’s Flowers on Stanley street…through the doors, to the right, in a fabulous space that when I saw it…I commented how it would make a nice gallery!

A few weeks ago, the gallery became the PERFECT VENUE for a number of bloggers to get together and learn about flower arranging and photography. In fact, the space is perfect for workshops, networking events, cocktail parties, luncheons…any number of different things…while surrounded by beautiful art…and of course, flowers.

ECM Media (myself, Laura Snow and Erin Trafford-Basquill) are incredibly pleased with the workshops we’re able to bring to our East Coast Bloggers! For our “Flower and Photography Workshop,”  Holly spent some time teaching us the art of flower arranging in her beautiful space.

Following our flower arranging session, Matt Corkum of Fade to White Photography, taught us a number of photography Tips and Tricks…that we can easily incorporate on our blogs.

Our #EastCoastBlogger friends who joined us for an afternoon of learning and laughter, all went away quite happy about the day…their brains full of new knowledge and their arms full of beautiful flowers.


A HUGE thanks to Holly at Dean’s Flowers for sponsoring our Flower Arranging Sessions, and to Fuji Film Canada for sponsoring our Photography Session!

Look what I learned to do!!!

For more information on ECM Media, working with East Coast Bloggers, or sponsoring a workshop…visit our website and send us an email. We’d be happy to get together to chat!

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