Spring Fashion Trends at Sears Canada! #GotItAtSears

I’ve been undergoing a major makeover in my home for the last few weeks and as Spring gets close and the house is coming together…I realize there’s something else that needs a makeover…


Winter has taken its tole and it’s time to remove the layers of grey clothing, grab a fresh haircut, wax my brows, and head out shopping for a brand new look. BUT….the problem with Spring in Canada, we really don’t know from one day to the next what we’re dealing with. From lovely and warm one day to downright frigid the next…every day is something entirely new! Seriously, Mother Nature and her mood swings are worse than mine!

Sears Canada has teamed up with style expert, Liv Judd Sove, to compile a selection of head-to-toe looks featuring must-have essentials including the season’s hottest trends: boho-chic Neo Nomad, whimsical Le Jardin and contemporary Picnic.

Here’s the run-down!


“Picnic plays on Hamptons chic and the crisp preppy style of classic Americana. In this trend, sportswear influences are mixed with nautical stripes by adding contemporary details to a fresh colour pallet.”

Liv’s tips on how to wear this trend:

  • Live dangerously – Update your wardrobe with exaggerated silhouettes, like wide leg pants or flared sleeves. (Yes, you can pull it off!)
  • Ditch misconceptions – Stripes sometimes get a bad rap for adding the illusion of weight, which isn’t true. Find a nautical stripe that looks and feels good and invest in it! Not only are they wardrobe basics but they pair with everything from over-the-top prints to timeless pieces.
  • Embrace sporty – Sportswear/athleisure influences see no sign of slowing down, so nab a bomber or sporty accessory ASAP.

My favourite pieces from the “Picnic” collection include a worn-in pair of jeans, the absolute perfect wedge, a fabulous grey sweater and the perfect bag to carry everything you need for a spring adventure (including an umbrella and windbreaker, just in case!)


“This updated take on the traditional bohemian summer story mixes crafty embellishments and casual linens to create a look that’s perfect for weekend getaways and outdoor festivals. Look for crochet details and trims, crinkled fabrics, and a vibrant colour palette.”

Liv’s tips on how to wear this trend:

  • Stay sharp – Polish the earthy feel of this trend with sharp silhouettes or structured details such as a block heel, tailored jacket or a boxy bag.
  • Find the flow – This trend has a strong boho feel. Look for long skirts and ruffles.
  • Stick with subtly – Not ready to wear head-to-toe Neo Nomad? Incorporate the trend with khaki textiles, crochet detailing or exotic global prints.

I’m not really sure this trend is for me, however, I do have a great pair of black wide leg pants that I picked up from Sears not that long ago that would be great with a pair of gladiators…and I lean towards that printed wrap…hmm, maybe a little out of my comfort zone…but there’s nothing wrong with stepping out of the comfort zone!


“Every day is a garden party in the French countryside with these romantic looks filled with delicate florals and soft fabrics. Perfect for serene social gatherings, this trend embodies feminine details.”

Liv’s tips on how to wear this trend:

  • Play past pastel – This trend is all about femininity, so naturally delicate blush colours are a go-to with pretty lace accents and flowy romantic fabrics. But this trend also has a darker side, consider florals or girly details in muted or darker tones — great for those who feel more comfortable wearing a darker palette. (Like ME!)
  • Bring in the boy – Tone down the pretty vibe of spring florals with a classic Canadiana look of denim on denim.
  • Contrast, contrast, contrast – Ground a romantic blush coloured jacket with a graphic statement-making slogan tee. It’s a subtle take on the trend but still makes a statement.

While I’m not entirely sure I could pull off pink, I’m loving the pink jacket and flowy white top which would be perfect with a great pair of jeans…plus, I love the two tops below and can totally see me wearing that white off the shoulder number!

I think, for me, I lean towards the “Picnic” look as I’m a denim girl all the way…then throw in a few of the “Romantic” pieces as I like flowy tops and that pink is calling my name. Plus the shoes…and the purses…OH SO MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM!

Besides, I like the idea of a “Picnic” on a beautiful Spring day and a little “Romance” on the side…yup, I think that’s exactly what I need!


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About Liv Judd Soye

Liv Judd is a fashion, beauty, celebrity and lifestyle expert with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. She has worked for and contributed to publications such as Chatelaine, Flare, Hello Canada, LOULOU, and Cosmetics. Liv is a familiar face on television programs across Canada and has been a featured style and beauty expert on TV networks. In 2016 the Globe and Mail named her one of five top lifestyle influencers you need to know. In 2014 she was named one of Hello Magazine’s 50 best dressed Canadians and also graced the cover of Today’s Parent magazine. Born in Saskatchewan, she has lived in Norway and began her career in New York. She now lives in Toronto with her husband Brian and their two toddler daughters Malin and Vendela.

Disclaimer: As a Brand Ambassador for Sears Canada, I’m happy to showcase some of the amazing products that Sears has in store. As always, my opinions and stories are my own. 

9 Replies to “Spring Fashion Trends at Sears Canada! #GotItAtSears”

    • Good for you Ruth! It’s a wee bit out of my comfort zone but I might have to give it a try!

  1. I was looking for some summery things for myself, too. I kind of always forget about Sears – that we have a good one and that it exists at all – but it has changed lots lately in a lot of good ways. People have been suggesting it for kids dress clothes, too. (Thing 1 had a Band uniform sit’i’ation late last week!)

    I’ll definitely go there next time I am shopping.

    Now I want to go on a romantic picnic in a flouncy, flow-y, off the shoulder number! 😀

  2. I am terrible for wearing black and navy blue…, especially in the winter. Time to break out of this rut and try something new. Thanks for sharing this collection, it’s great inspiration to get me going!

  3. Wow!!! I feel like I could actually own a lot of these items! The chambray dress in the first Picnic section is so me, but the soft blush pinks in Le Jardin are also lovely! Thanks for the outfit inspiration, Colleen. I never would have thought these brands would be at Sears!!