Take it outside…

A “fiddlehead” is quite simply a “new growth fern”…tightly coiled in on itself and ready to burst into the Spring air!

For a few days in early May…in shaded areas or wet and boggy soil, you can see the bright green fiddleheads as they emerge through the ground.

All ferns have this “fiddlehead” stage (named for the end of a fiddle)…but some varieties, in particular the Ostrich fern (NOT the kind shown in my photos), are edible and quite sought after as you see them popping up at farmers markets, grocery stores and restaurant menus.

I have NO IDEA where to find the edible fiddleheads in the wild, but this week, I uncurled myself from my standard spot in front of the computer…headed out my front door, and burst into the Spring air on a brand new adventure!

With Pneumonia just about kicked, it’s time to shake off the winter heaviness, pull on my favourite hiking boots and head outside to see if I can clear my head while getting a little exercise.

With nature and an easy walk in mind, I decided to visit Bedford Lions Sandy Lake Park and on entering, dressed in jeans and carrying an ice cap, a couple of die-hard hikers emerged from the woods…packs on their backs, rolled up sleeping bags, pots swinging from carabiners and bandanas around their necks.

I looked at myself and laughed…commenting to them on the difference in attire…how they’d looked as if they’d put in a hard hike and I was heading out for a leisurely stroll…coffee in hand!

“Whatever gets you out,” said the gentleman with a hearty laugh.

Whatever gets you out.

I spend hours in front of the computer or attached to my mobile devices…my back is hunched, my neck and shoulders stiff and sore…my body aching at the end of the day and my mind never quite clear before the next one begins.

It’s long past time to Take it Outside and explore the world around me. I need to find some kind of balance between how I’ve been doing things…and what I’ve been missing. My mind needs a little adventure…a bit more mental balance than I’ve been giving it. A little less work…a bit more thought.

I’m trying to uncurl myself.

It was a glorious day for a walk through the woods…opening my eyes and clearing my head while enjoying a cup of coffee along the way! I plan on stepping out of the office more often…finding a little solitude…seeking out the balance that seems to elude me.

Uncurling myself…and bursting into the fresh Spring air!

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Where should I explore next…what are some of your favourite hiking/walking trails?

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    • Love that park!!! One of my favourite pictures of me and my dad was taken by the waterfall.