Every Day is a Great Day! Sharon Maunder, #KIAWorkingMom

When Sharon Maunder heads to the office, she knows it’s going to be a spectacular day!

Growing up in the small town of Gander, Newfoundland, Sharon’s childhood memories are filled with thoughts of freedom and fun. When she finished High School, she attended the local community college to study business then moved to St. John’s, where she attended college to study IT.  In 1989, Sharon left everything she knew, leaving the island and heading to Halifax with a friend, to continue her business studies at Saint Mary’s University.

For the next several years, Sharon’s life unfolded as she found work she enjoyed, married, had a child, moved to a lovely neighbourhood and found an amazing group of friends.

In 2006, Sharon began a job that would change her outlook on life…making every single day something to look forward to.

Sharon is the Accounting Manager at Prescott Group…a non-profit organization for adults with intellectual disabilities. They offer vocational training, personal development programs and employment opportunities through their social enterprise businesses including Fireside Kitchen, Prescott Mailing Services and Atlantic Bag Manufacturers.

“It has truly been an eye opener for me, to work in an environment where everyone loves coming to work. An organization that operates for the people and not the money.  Seeing the individual successes and positive interactions makes each day a great day!”

Sharon is happy to bring her work home with her at the end of the day…she feels joy in being part of an organization that elevates others.

Along with her work at Prescott Group, Sharon also runs her own business providing accounting services to a number of small businesses. She loves her work as there’s always new people to meet and something that needs to be done!

Sharon’s days typically begin at 6am. She grabs a coffee and takes some time for herself before packing lunches, waking her son for school and heading to work. At the end of the day, Sharon usually hits the gym to unwind from the workday and energize for the evening ahead.

From the gym, it’s home for supper, household duties, work for her personal business, running her son around, hockey games, homework help, prep for the next day and finally…off to bed.

Sharon is a hockey mom…attending games and volunteering, often as treasurer or co-manager of the team. She pitches in wherever needed and enjoys volunteering with the Salvation Army’s Feed the Need program as well as anything that pops up with sports, school activities, or projects her friends might be involved with.

As the mom of an only child, Ryan, things are about to change! Next year, Ryan will graduate from High School and he’s currently deciding his next path. Sharon is slightly struggling with where he’ll go and what he’ll do…knowing also that hockey will be coming to an end…where she’s spent the last 13 years cheering from the stands. Luckily, the family has golf to fall back on…something they’ll continue to do for many years together.

Sharon’s not doing it alone. She has an amazing, lovely and supportive husband who’s also the chief cook in the family! Along with her husband, Rob, she counts on family and friends who are there to help whether it’s for drives, overnight accommodations, advice or just an ear to listen.

While the work/school week is busy, the weekends are for lighting it up! The Maunder family enjoy quality time spent with friends and family. While their Winter months are overrun with everything to do with hockey, the Summers are filled with various adventures including weekends away, social nights around the backyard campfire, golfing and get togethers. There’s usually an annual trip South, weekend getaways with the girls and a few trips to Newfoundland to visit family. There’s always something on the calendar to look forward to. 

For down time, Sharon enjoys a good book on the deck on a warm evening, or curling on the couch to binge a little Netflix.

Sharon’s life is full…from a job that fills her spirit and friends and family who fill her heart..she’s truly living a healthy, happy, enriched life…making sure each and every day is a great one!

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  1. Great caption of the Sharon I know. It’s great to work with employees who like/love their work. How could you not when the people we work with/for appreciate every small thing you do for them. I will miss the people so much when I retire in the next couple of months. Congratulations Sharon for doing a great job and your recent new additional responsibilities.