Kitchen Makeover…will this make me a better cook?

Just because I have a prettier kitchen this week than I had a few weeks ago, does not, in any way, suggest that I’m going to be able to cook better! In fact, quite the opposite. It’s possible that I’m so distracted by all of the pretty things around me that  I may actually be worse! After all, I need SOME excuse as to why I cooked the most horrific meal possible the other night…resulting in me having to order a feed of Chinese Food for my hungry brood!

My kitchen makeover is complete!

With the installation of the backsplash last week and the painting of the cupboards (as detailed in this post), I’ve turned my worn and dated oak kitchen into a fresh and modern space where I can bake and cook to my heart’s delight (just as soon as I take some courses it appears!)

Have a peek…

In keeping with the theme on the main floor of my home, I carried the Revere Pewter Grey into the kitchen and added white and grey elements…with a hint of turquoise blue here and there.

Why blue? Well, I’ve coveted a two tiered dessert platter of my mothers for many, many years and recently, she gave me this beautiful treasure. So…it seemed fitting to bring blues into the space so I can always display pastries, baking, or Tim’s donuts on a piece I’ve loved for as long as I can remember!

Also…check out these owl salt and pepper shakers! Aren’t they the cutest?

ALMOST as cute as Chef Michael Smith on the cover of his cookbook I received when visiting the beautiful Inn at Bay Fortune last year (that I may actually crack open now that I’ve this lovely space to work in!)


I have to say I’m thrilled with the look from my front door, through to the dining room and into the kitchen. Then entire main floor flows so much nicer now!

Throughout the house, I’ve added these beautiful ceramic and silver knobs to all of the closet doors…I have two pantries in my kitchen…so two opportunities to show off these gorgeous pieces!

And, check out these adorable Dragon Fly napkin rings!

I must say, I did struggle a bit with art. I’m not a fan of a lot of “kitchen art” so finding something I wanted became a bit of a challenge. I hunted high and low and even tried making a few things…and then it hit me I already had the perfect piece to go in the spot. I’m thrilled with the painting of my pup, given to me a few years ago by my friend Lisa…fitting for a few reasons…the colours were perfect AND my pups name is Zucchini…so what better than to add a piece of art with a zucchini in my kitchen!

Plus…where else do you find your noble beast but in the kitchen…begging for treats!

It’s done! The entire main floor has been pulled apart and put back together and I’m pretty thrilled with the look. The biggest transformation has definitely occurred in the kitchen!


Photo c/o Domus Realty


Photo c/o Domus Realty

If you’re in the neighbourhood, pop by for a visit and a cup of tea. If you’re looking for a new neighbourhood…this house can be yours! Check it out on MLS and give my friend Meghan Laing at Domus Realty a call!

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11 Replies to “Kitchen Makeover…will this make me a better cook?”

  1. I love your kitchen…I would just sit in it and let someone else cook so i could just enjoy the surroundings..

  2. Love it, I was thinking about painting my oak cabinets and you just pushed me to it, thanks for the pics

  3. Wow what a nice transformation!! I love your kitchen and wish I had the same layout. Painting the oak cabinets white really makes a huge difference 🙂 Great Job!!

  4. Gorgeous!!! Love the silver touches and the colour scheme. The bar stools are beautiful! I would definitely enjoy cooking a kitchen like this. ?

    • Thanks Randa…it might actually make me want to cook again! I’ll be checking out your blog for inspiration.

  5. Looking sharp!! Love the fresh crisp feel. Bang on!! You’ll most definitely be a better cook, if not at least stylish one!