#Momsneak…How I Sneak My Favourite Netflix Shows… #StreamTeam

Who’s pretending there aren’t enough hours in the day but can still manage to sneak in a little Netflix time when no one’s looking?

Just me? Ahhh…come on…I know I’m not the only one because Netflix did a survey and you all gave up the goods on “sneaking” being the new “bingeing!”

From what Netflix found out…

  • 22% of you watch a little Netflix while working – consider me one of them!
  • 23% while getting ready – sure, I’ve had it on while puttering around in my room and doing my makeup.
  • 35% on a bathroom break – every single time I take a bath!
  • 59% while doing laundry – I mean seriously, what else are you going to do while folding clothes!
  • 6% in the car while picking up the kids – that’s what data plans are for people!
  • 12% sitting in the parking lot – luckily the riding coach gave me her WiFi password.
  • 48% while making dinner – hello multitask!

Survey Says…A WHOPPING 58% of Moms are sneaking in a little “Me Time” while they’re actually supposed to be Momming!

Here’s what mom-vlogger duo Cat and Nat had to say!

(BUT…let me be clear on the last point they made…they’ll still be searching for “me time” long after the kids have graduated from High School…sorry to burst that bubble!)

Yup…Moms are totally sneaking in a little screen time to catch up on their favourite shows. Just this week, while away to support my favourite volleyball player and in a hotel room ALL BY MYSELF, I ditched all plans of doing a little exploring and instead, cracked open a beer, ate takeout in bed, and watched a little Netflix!

So…what have I been watching this Summer?

Well…I’m totally caught up on the new seasons of Suits, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards…

House of Cards Netflix

And, I got a real kick out of the new show, Friends from College.

Plus, besides bingeing on full seasons, I’ve watched and enjoyed a few movies including Maggie’s Plan, How Do You Know, You’re Not You, The Accidental Husband, A Man Called Ove (loved the book so had to watch) and 1 Mile to You.

I’m finding the time to kick my feet up and sneak in a few extra shows this summer. What about you? Are you bingeing? Do you #MomSneak? Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever watched a show? And…what are you currently watching?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I’m a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and receive special perks, however, all opinions are my own. 

2 Replies to “#Momsneak…How I Sneak My Favourite Netflix Shows… #StreamTeam”

  1. “Teeny-tiny me time” is better than no time. My kids are all in their twenties, still living at home, and I still have to squeeze in some “me time”. After dinner and dishes, I sit down maybe for an hour to knit and watch Netflix. Finished Outlander, watching Jane The Virgin and Better Call Saul. I’ll have to try the movies you suggested.

    • Loved Outlander…and Jane the Virgin (the first few seasons more than the last few). Still haven’t watched Better Call Saul…but it’s on the list!