Introducing…the 7 Blogs Nominated for The Coast’s Best of Halifax #BOH2017

If you live in Halifax, you’re likely well aware of The Coast’s annual Best of Halifax competition!

Essentially, locals cast their votes to decide their favourite “Halifax People and Places” in over thirty categories including…Best Place to Have a Date, Best Barber, Best Radio Station, Best Restaurant, Best Film Maker, Best Athlete, and more. Then, the winners hold bragging rights for the year and hang their “best of” plaques proudly for all to admire!

I’ve won “Best Blogger” five times now and the plaques take up residence in my home’s main floor bathroom!

Bathroom Selfie while sitting on “The Throne” with my assortment of beautiful BOH Awards. And yes, that is a DIY Jack Daniels bottle soap dispenser AND a knight’s helmet! 

This year, things were done a little differently. Rather than just place your vote, folks first nominated their favourites, those nominations were tallied, and now…official voting for “Best Of” has begun.

In the “Best Blogger” category, seven fantastic blogs have been nominated and in the spirit of healthy competition, I thought I’d take a moment to tell you a little about each one!

In no particular order, we have…

DIY Passion

Erin Trafford has one heckuva toolbox! Not only does she have the skills to run a skill saw, she also has the skills to turn blogging into a successful business! Erin (with the help of her husband Dan) takes on numerous DIY projects around their seaside home. Formerly a broadcast journalist on both television and radio…Erin SHINES when she’s put in front of a camera as evident from the fabulous DIY Videos and Live Broadcasts on DIY Passion. While DIY is the main focus of the blog (you really need to see her “Monthly Challenges”)…Erin also chats about family, finances, organizing your life, social media and finding joy. Erin is an entrepreneur and loves helping other women find their passion. I’m lucky that she’s also my partner at ECM Media and count her among my favourite people. (She really is the best!)

Visit DIY Passion or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Short Presents

Kayla Short is the blogger behind Short Presents. A former teacher turned social media influencer, she’s been blogging for a number of years with KINDNESS always at the fore front. Kayla is a joy to work with…always professional…and I’m thrilled to be able to call her my friend. I am a huge fan of Kayla’s Instagram page and her Insta Stories are really quite fantastic…which, is likely why she was also nominated this year for Best Instagramer! Kayla always looks amazing and presents herself in an absolutely adorable way! She writes about food, fashion, beauty and travel…and really, anything that suits her fancy. Along with winning BOH a few times now, Kayla was chosen as one of Huffington Post’s Top 50 Canadians!

Visit Short Presents or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Halifax Retales

If you’re looking to find out what’s soon to be arriving, newly opened or closing in and around HRM…Halifax ReTales has the goods! As described by Arthur Gaudreau on his website, “ReTales is a tracker of the going on of the Halifax Regional Municipality retail and restaurant scene…the information comes from various news sources and observation around town.” ReTales has an incredibly active Twitter site (also nominated for Best Twitterer) where sharing news and the ins and outs of HRM is the main focus…keeping us all in “the know…with a whole lot of fun mixed in!

Visit Halifax Retales or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Eat This Town

If you’re interested in What to Eat, Where to Eat, How to Eat, When…Lindsay Nelson at Eat this Town can provide you with every tid-bit you need to know. A self-described “food nerd,” Lindsay can both tell you where to grab the best slice or the freshest donut…and, what foods are the most popular in any province in Canada! WARNING…following Eat this Town will make you HUNGRY and craving some fabulous foods! As well, you’ll be inclined to want to travel to some beautiful places as she brings us not only local fare, but delicious treats from various locales.

Oh…and for all the foodies, there’s an entirely separate section for Best Food Blogger where you’ll find Eat This Town is also nominated!

Visit Eat This Town or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


You’ve heard of Humans of New York? Well…Halifolks aims to showcase the people who live in and around HRM in the same HNY style! Jack and Katie are proving that every face tells a story as they’re meeting fabulous folks on the streets of Halifax and sharing their photos and lives on social media…opening hearts and minds one post at a time. Halifolks is also nominated for Best Instagram account as they showcase the smiling faces of beautiful people…AND, along with the Best Blogger and Best Instagrammer nods, Halifolks are also nominated for Best Community Project (which is a pretty awesome nomination if I do say so myself!)

Visit Halifolks or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


If you’re wondering what’s going on with the music scene in HRM (and beyond), look no further than HAFILAX! While filling you in on where to find the best live music, HAFILAX also posts reviews of local musicians…sharing their music and keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest from CD Release parties to concerts and more. Anything music related is found at HAFILAX…a site put together by music lovers intent on sharing their passion with those seeking to hear more.

Visit HAFILAX or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Curtains are Open

And last, but (hopefully) not least, is my blog, Curtains are Open. Telling my stories for 7 years, I have this “lifestyle blog” centered around my life while raising teens as a single mom living in Halifax. Along with embarrassing my children, I also like to write about inspiring women, running a business, my noble beast, my fabulous friends…plus, I enjoy adding local flair as I share a little about the restaurants/pubs I frequent, shops I like to visit, places I travel, sports my children play, people I meet, and much more. I focus on living creatively…and living the dream which truly has been made possible by blogging and social media! Along with my blog, I’m a Graphic Designer and partner at ECM Media…connecting bloggers and brands and supporting the local blogging community.

You’re already visiting me…but you can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How to Vote for BOH2017

So…that’s the brief run down on the blogs nominated for this year’s Best of Halifax awards. Some of the bloggers I know personally while others I only know from their online profiles. If there’s a blog you’re unfamiliar with, take some time to follow them on social media and get to know them…then, VOTE for your favourite local blogger. While you’re at it, visit the various categories and make sure to vote for all of your favourites (oh…and by the way, voting can win you $500 cash!)

Voting takes place from now until September 15th by clicking



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