Local bloggers wreak havoc at IKEA… #IKEAHalifax

It was a lovely evening that found a number of ECM bloggers at the Media Preview of the Brand New IKEA store in Dartmouth Crossing. We were there to have a look at IKEA’s largest sustainable store to date, be wined and dined in the infamous “Maritime Kitchen Party” tradition, listen to a little music, and mix and mingle with some folks from Head Office as well as invited guests. 

Each of us bloggers had already combed through the online inventory, scoured the catalog from cover to cover, made our lists and contemplated what blog projects were coming up that could use the IKEA touch.

When the doors opened…we moved in…and made ourselves at home. 

As stated in the 2018 IKEA catalog on page 70 of their Dining Room Section:

“It’s all about setting the mood. With soft textiles and dimmable lights, it’s easy to create a warm, intimate space for just the two of you – any night of the week.”

Kayla and Travis are proof of that…in a crowded 330,000 square foot room filled with excited guests, this lovely couple took a moment to gaze into each other’s eyes over soft textiles and empty glasses…catching a breather before filling their carts. Hours later, Kayla was seen fashionably running in a polka-dot mini skirt, pineapple button-up top and converse sneakers…yelling loudly, anxiously, and sweetly to Travis…”Start the car.”

Visit Kayla’s fashion blog, Short Presents, or find her on Instagram, for more special and exciting moments.

Suzi began her evening instagramming every food she ate including the Shrimp Battered in IKEA Waffle Mix, Swedish Meatball Sliders, Tiramasu with IKEA Coffee, Fancy Donuts and more. Her stories are filled with the edible delights from the IKEA cocktail party.

I’s not surprising that the first place we found her, when the gates to the store opened, was in a showroom kitchen…grabbing a cup of tea and searching for more meatballs.

As stated on page 86 of their Kitchen Section, IKEA clearly states:

“The kitchen is the beating heart of our homes. It’s where we cook, eat, make plans and – no matter how small it is – where our guests want to be.”

Suzi likes her donuts…and her cupcakes…you can find her blogging about them on her blog, Confessions of a Fitness Instructor, or on Instagram, just about any day of the week. 

Cailin travels the world AND, when not sharing her adventures, she’s enjoying an empty glass of wine on furniture made to move with you. As stated on page 23 of the IKEA catalogue;

“You never know where life will take you. But wherever you move, you should be able to take your furniture with you. Choose light, versatile pieces that are easy to move – and look right at home in any space.”

Cailin looks right at home in any space whether travelling through Europe, visiting our Canadian Provinces, or dreaming of her next adventure from a couch in an IKEA showroom.

Check out Calin’s blog, Travel Yourself and make sure to follow her on Instagram for incredibly exciting travel adventures.

“The living room is the place where life happens. It makes room for it all, from afternoon naps and movie nights to festive gatherings with your favourite people.”  (p. 11)

Here, you see Suzi and Laura festively gathering while playing a board game…enjoying one another’s company and the company of everyone else who walked by their showcase living room.

Laura and her family are about to embark on an amazing journey as they jump in their newly renovated airstream for what will surely be a trip of a lifetime! Follow along at My Life in the Sun and join them on Instagram. This family is turning their living room mobile and taking “family time” to the next level!

“There are some things that one often prefers doing in the bathroom, such as leg waxing or putting on a face mask. Creating a comfy spot with a mirror, good lighting and proper seating means you can indulge in this pampering a little bit more.” (p. 144)

For Mo Handahu, finding proper seating to indulge in social media is a MUST. Here, Mo contemplates her next photo shoot, Swedish meatballs, winning the lottery, bright coloured fabrics, a visit back home, and life in general.

Follow Mo on her blog, Lion Hunter, or check out her beautiful photos on Instagram that are catching everyone’s eye! Mo’s exquisite photos have been featured more than once…this one probably won’t be…but one never knows what makes folks tick!

As IKEA boldly states on page 12 of their catalogue (boldly because it’s in bold font):

“It’s a busy world. Slow down in a space made for the hobby you love.”

Heather’s hobby is making things…everything and anything. I found her in the kitchen accessories section a little confused. It turns out, she’d just spotted a set of glasses she loved and then lost them just as quickly as she turned a corner…trying to figure out where she was and how to get back to find them again. Heather was overwhelmed by the enormity of the store as she was trying to figure out what she could make from the products inside.

Fear not…there’s a good chance Heather’s daughter will be wearing a new pair of shoes next week complete with fabulous soles handcrafted and hand-stitched from the placemats where I last spotted this talented mom…as well, there’ll possibly be a new frock from a set of curtains I saw peeking from her bag.

Visit Heather’s blog, Heather’s Handmade Life, and follow her on Instagram.

To say I was surprised by the lack of products in Virginia’s arms is an understatement! Virginia, known for turning everything she touches to gold, was found in the Kitchen Accessories aisle with a couple of measuring jugs…and that’s all.

However, don’t let her fool you! I saw the look on her face that suggested either;

  1. She’d soon be serving mashed potatoes with all of the fixings or a delightful berry crumble…brilliantly using those very same measuring cups as serving dishes…at her Berwick restaurant, Union Street Cafe.
  2. She plans on using the measuring jugs as cacti planters in her newly renovated kitchen.
  3. She’ll use them to mix paint colours as she adds new colour to her walls overnight to match a blog project she’s working on.
  4. She’s growing Christmas Tree seedlings…as her holiday house tour usually incorporates at least a dozen trees and 14,000 mini lights.

In any case…whatever Viriginia plans on doing with those measuring jugs…it will surely go viral on Printerest leaving me to wonder “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?”

Follow Virginia at Fynes Designs and on Instragram…or visit her restaurant the next time you’re in the Valley.

“With a few simple tools, some paint and your own fantastic ideas, you can unleash your imagination to create a DIY space that’s all you.” (p. 29)

Erin is about to EXPLODE with the opening of IKEA! She’s currently blogging about various IKEA products and hacks, charging up her power tools, and contemplating which piece of furniture she plans to cut in half first.

Erin and DIY go hand-in-hand…in fact, IKEA should really just pass over their set of allen keys and watch the magic transpire!

Check out Erin’s blog, DIY Passion, as she brings projects to life before your eyes in her fabulous video series. Check out her PodCast, In the Storyhouse, where she chats all about blogging life…and, don’t forget to follow her on Instagram.

On page 46 of the catalogue that talks about building a creative workspace you can really live with, they state:

“Is it a beautiful home office – or a cozy living room? It’s both when you use your furniture to cleverly transform the space.”

That quote…and that quote alone…is the reason why Thanh, her husband Jon, and their adorable little girl have, transformed a filing cabinet into a dining room table because being inventive is…wait…what?

OK…that’s just taking things too far!

Fact is, this adorable family just moved into a brand new house and have little to no furniture to fill the space which is why they’ve been using a filing cabinet as a dining room table!

Visit Thanh’s blog, Love and Sundays, and follow her on Instagram, as she turns her house into a home with the help of the cart she loaded up and her plans to go back for more.

As for me…I’m going with the IKEA quote, found on p. 271 of their catalog;

“Loved because it’s the inside that counts.”

Technically, they’re talking about their PAX Wardrobe Systems but whatever, I’m taking the compliment and running with it.

Thanks for reading my blog…make sure to come back often and also, check me out on Instagram.

 – – – – – – – –

A HUGE thanks to IKEA for inviting us all in to have a look around! Much like the bloggers I’ve mentioned, the store is full of creativity, imagination and style! I look forward to my return.

 – – – – – – – –

Hej…not so fast!!! I’m off to assemble a new office chair!! However, in the same amount of time it takes me to build it, I bet you can scroll back up and click on the links to follow some of my blogger friends…seriously, go check them out!

Disclaimer: While I was not compensated for this post, IKEA offered a discount to shop during the Media Event (which helped me fill my cart). AND, they sent me away from their lovely event with a FRAKTA filled with many things including a fabulous FÖRTROLIG, a lovely GARNERA and a beautiful DUNÄNA. Thanks for the great event! I was pleased to attend and happy to write about the new store opening in Halifax. As always, opinions are my own.

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  1. I can’t wait to visit! I would have loved to attend the media event with you all as it looked like a blast, but “Moncton” right lol. Ah well, I’m good time! So much to see, it looks like a day well wasted for sure.

    • Not wasted at all..I’ve been on the hunt for a desk chair for about two years and have never quite managed to find one I like. I found one…and at a great price! Come visit soon!!! I’ve made trips to Moncton just for Bass Pro, a dress shop we don’t have here, years of going to Magic Mountain with the kids and don’t get me started on the multiple weekend trips back and forth in the 80s and 90s for Ziggy’s and Cosmos! Because…well, Moncton!