My children have ruined my love life! #StreamTeam

Over the last few days, it’s become overwhelmingly clear to me that my children have completely ruined my love life.

Or…any chance of ever having one that is!

When my marriage first ended (during the Christmas holidays almost 9 years ago now), I’d read all of the information about “Bringing a New Partner” into your life and the “Do’s and Don’ts of Dating” so much, that I was completely overwhelmed with all of the information. With kids that were 16, 10 and 8 at the time, I needed to do completely different things for the teen in my life than I did for the younger two and with so much conflicting information…I opted to stay single.

(Mind you…let’s be real here, had someone shown up and chosen to sweep me off my feet, I would have thrown “single life” to the curb in a SECOND!)

Instead, I spent the first few years completely taking care of the children’s needs, then returned to school for a few years taking care of our “future” needs, then started the new company…throwing myself completely into entrepreneurship…so really, there was little time for anything or anyone else in my life.

Or so I thought.

Turns out that…NOPE…it was my children’s fault that I haven’t found love. This is 100% on their shoulders!

And here’s the proof…

When I work, I need background noise…music is often playing in my office or quite often, Netflix is playing in the corner of my computer in a wee little 3″ window. Sometimes, if I have to concentrate on something, I pause or close the window but typically, I’m bingeing on any number of shows (Nashville, Stranger Things, Beyond Stranger Things, Dynasty, Doctor Foster, The Good Place, Scandal, Riverdale, Jane the Virgin…all have been watched over the last few months.)

This past week, while getting into the holiday spirit, I decided to start watching Christmas Movies…a bunch of them…one after the other of holiday glee and festive fun. One sappy romantic show after the next where in the end, the girl finds the man of her dreams and they kiss under the moonlight on Christmas Eve while the snow comes down softly around them…happily ever after.

And then it hit me…my kids wrecked my love life! 

In holiday movie after holiday movie, children of single moms sit upon Santa’s knee with ONE WISH for Christmas…that their mother should fall in love with a wonderful man and in every case…SANTA COMES THROUGH!

But no…my kids ask for iPhones, Uggs, X-Boxes, Stereos, Kylie Jenner Cosmetics, concert tickets and so much more. Not once…not once have one of them sat upon Santa’s lap and said “How about a Man for my Mom”…NOT ONCE!

And so…another holiday will come and go…where I won’t find the man of my dreams and fall in love under the starlight as the snow softly falls from above.

And it’s totally my children’s fault (and maybe a little bit of Santa’s fault too.)

If you’re looking for some holiday shows to watch…check out these titles on Netflix. Some are more far-fetched and a little cheesier than others, but sometimes you need a little cheese with your whine!

Disclaimer: As a Brand Ambassador and member of the #StreamTeam, I receive special perks from Netflix Canada. But as always, opinions are my own. 


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