Weekday Eggs…

Miracle of all miracles…I have discovered the perfect, nutritious, rich in nutrient food that’s easy to prepare, delicious and absolutely speedy to cook…so much so, that I can run around like an over-tired, over-worked, over-taxed mama in the mornings…trying to get the day started and folks where they need to be…while still having a fabulous breakfast!

What’s this magic, perfect food you ask?

Weekday Eggs!

Basically…they’re Weekend Eggs…disguised to look, taste AND have all of the nutritional benefits of…well, regular eggs!

I teamed up with the Egg Farmers of Canada to bring you this very important message. The fact is, IF you open your fridge on the weekends, the Weekend Eggs sit waiting in their carton for any number of breakfast dishes including my very favourites…Eggs Benny and Eggs with Bacon Toast and Hashbrowns.

BUT…If you open your fridge during the week…there’s a WHOLE DIFFERENT CARTON!

Weekday Eggs are quick and easy to cook while still being an excellent source of protein. They’re the perfect solution for time-stressed folks like me as they’re a bit more basic including…Scrambled with Salsa, Over Easy, Poached with Toast, Pre-cooked in a muffin tin on a bed of ham or…my favourite…hard boiled with a little bit of butter and pepper (served in the chicken feet egg cup my Nanny gave to me as a little girl.)

Here’s the kicker, you can actually boil Weekday Eggs AHEAD OF TIME and have a bowl in the fridge just ready for morning snacking!

Here’s how I prepare a hard-boiled egg AND get ready in the morning.

  1. Place eggs in a pot with enough cold water to cover and turn the burner on high.
  2. Boil the kettle and get a cup of tea while the egg pot is heating up. By the time you have your tea, the pot of eggs should be boiling too!
  3. Once boiling, turn the burner off, cover the pot and go get yourself ready for the day ahead.
  4. Taking about 15 minutes to yourself, straighten your hair, throw on a little makeup, get dressed and brush your teeth. By the time you’re done…VOILA…perfect eggs!
  5. IF you took a little extra time to make your bed…it’s ok…you wanted hard-boiled eggs anyway!
  6. BUT, if something crazy happened like a child suddenly needs a project printed, a retainer broke or their hamster got out of the cage and in all of the commotion you had to leave the house without enjoying your perfectly cooked egg…that’s ok too! You’d already turned off the burner, and they’ll be waiting for you later for a lovely egg sandwich at lunch!

My egg of choice in the morning is the HARD BOILED EGG…however, with older kids, I have a bit more time than those of you still in the thick of raising youngn’s. So, if you’re even more rushed than a hard-boiled egg…check out these FIVE MINUTE RECIPES from Egg Farmers of Canada that will have you enjoying a quick and nutritious bite to eat before your day gets underway:

In fact, head to the www.eggs.ca website for LOTS of Weekday Egg recipes (and if you dig around, you’ll find some Weekend ones too!)

Start your workday off on the right foot…pick up a carton of Weekday Eggs.

Disclaimer: I was compensated by the Egg Farmers of Canada to introduce you to Weekday Eggs. As always, opinions are my own. 

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  1. I haven’t had a boiled egg in an egg cup in forever…great childhood memories! Now I’m craving a medium broiled egg…lol!