Why I Choose to Get the Flu Shot (plus a giveaway!)

I recall the phone call like it was yesterday. It was 1999. My mother and father were away for a conference with my father’s work, standing in the happy crowds watching the fireworks over the water at Disney’s Epcot…when my father grasped his chest.

From there, a whirlwind transpired. Dad was whisked away by ambulance through the underground system at Disney…assessed…and delivered to one of the top cardiac facilities in the country for surgery and treatment of a heart attack.

I was at home, 6 months pregnant with my youngest, when Mom shared the news in her calmest voice…the one where fear and exhaustion can be heard through the softness. Not long after, when Dad was back home in Canada and feeling quite a bit better from his ordeal…I caught a flight to Newfoundland to spend a bit of time with him. But, not before the doctor insisted I have a flu shot to keep any illness at bay…as Dad was still quite vulnerable and in need of a little extra caution.

Until then, I’d never considered a flu shot but since…I’ve been quite diligent as “flu season” arrives…knowing that folks around me, with any number of illnesses, count on me to take care of myself.

This year was no exception.

In mid October, I received another “calm-voiced” call from Mom, letting me know she’d taken Dad to the hospital. What looked to be a stroke, kept us on our toes for a couple of days as multiple tests were run.

In the end, while a stroke was ruled out, Dad spent almost two weeks in hospital and now, two and a half months later, he’s still recovering from a damaged Vestibular Ocular nerve that they believe, was the result of a virus. He’s healing…slowly…and I’m grateful each and every day that things weren’t near as bad as they originally seemed.

I spent numerous days, working from his bedside, until a cold kept me home as I didn’t want to put his health, or the health of patients on his floor, at any risk.

Mom was a rockstar. Day and night at the hospital caring for Dad and keeping all of us informed with his progress.

Admittedly, Dad is no longer the only reason I get my flu shot at Shoppers Drug Mart each year as my own health is vulnerable with asthma and sinus infections. Quite frankly, I’m not in any position to get sicker than I do and with a vaccination available, I choose to take the shot!

For me, it makes total sense.

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If you’re not feeling well…here are a few things to keep in mind:

Should I stay or should I go? – Don’t be the hero. Know when a fever is too high and make sure to stay home if your temperature passes 100 degrees. Remember you should be fever-free for at least 24 hours before returning to work or school.

Know the difference between a cold and the flu – Although symptoms are similar, a cold tends to develop gradually, usually over the course of a day or two and can last up to two weeks. Flu can come out of nowhere and hit hard, with a fever lasting a few days and weakness and tiredness potentially for several weeks. However, it’s hard to tell, so when in doubt just stay home!

Bump, don’t shake – If it’s just a cold and you choose to go to work, do your colleagues a favour – bump, don’t shake. According to research, shaking hands transmits 2 times more bacteria than high fives, and 10 times more bacteria than bumping fists.

Get vaccinated – No matter where you stand on proper etiquette, flu shots should be part of the plan, it’s your first defense against the flu!

Shoppers Cold & Flu Prize Pack:

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart. As always, opinions are my own.

71 Replies to “Why I Choose to Get the Flu Shot (plus a giveaway!)”

  1. When I am not feeling great I try and drink lots of fluids and eat lots of fruit! Thanks!

    • I hear you! I completely crave fruit when I have a cold (maybe I actually have scurvy!)

  2. I didn’t get the flu shot until I got my first flu as an adult at age 30! It was awful, I felt like I was dying. When people say things like, “Well the flu shot only gives you a 10% coverage.” I’m thinking great, that lowers my odds by 10%!

  3. I make homemade chicken soup, rest and take extra vitamins when I am not feeling well.

  4. when im not feeling great I like to snuggle under my blanket with a hot cup of tea and rest -chicken soup is usually on the menu

  5. When I’m not feeling well, I drink lots of fluids and make sure I have at least a bit of fresh fruit or veggies even if I don’t feel much like eating

  6. When I’m not feeling well I get lots of rest and believe it or not I really think chicken soup helps.

  7. When I’m not feeling great I like to make homemade chicken soup and get lots of rest.

  8. When I’m not feeling well, I pull out the heated blanket, make a hot drink and try to get lots of sleep.

  9. i try and get lots of rest, take vitamins, make my homemade chicken soup with lots of garlic, drink lots of fluids and keep up with my vitamins and supplements.

  10. when I am not feeling great I take a EFFERVESCENT in a glass of water and within 30 minutes it takes any nausea away been taking these for years when I don’t feel right

  11. I can tell when I’m getting sick as my eyes itch and I start to feel sluggish so I grab the chewables and take my c and d and some neocitrin as well and try to get more rest then I usually do

  12. I always make sure to get plenty of rest, I eat kiwis and oranges and have an epsom salt bath with essential oils

  13. I get rest (sleep as much as possible), drink tea, eat chicken soup and take medicine.

  14. I usually snuggle up on the couch with a blanket, hot tea and some chicken noodle soup when I am not feeling well.

  15. When not feeling great, a warm bath, cozy warm pjs and a hot green tea are on my agenda.

  16. When I’m not feeling great, I take care of myself by getting lots of rest and eat as healthy as possible.

  17. I immediately start taking Zinc. I increase water intake and head to the pharmacy for some Neo Citron lol.

  18. I like to have orange juice, ginger ale, chicken soup and snuggle in my pj’s with my dog under my heated blanket…lol…I take oregano oil too. Always get my flu shot!

  19. When I feel sick I make sure I stay in bed as much as possible…i really feel that resting is helpful to healing!

  20. I do manage to get the flu shot every year! I also hydrate, load up on vitamins and get sleep! 🙂

  21. Sleep is the best remedy! Plus I take vitamins, electrolyte replenishment drinks, tea with honey, & chicken or vegetable broth soup.

  22. I get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids, basically do as little as possible! 🙂

  23. If I am just feeling run down then “life goes on.” It usually passes and does not develop into anything more. If I am coughing then I keep to my self and wash my hands etc so as to not cause difficulties to others.

  24. When I’m not feeling well I take care of myself by having a hot bath with Epsom salts, getting cozy in my bed with a waterbottle nearby, and eating chicken noodle soup.

  25. I get my husband to make me his famous chicken noodle soup and i try to get as much rest as i can….which is not always easy considering i have three kids

  26. When I am not feeling my best, I try to flush out the ill feeling by drinking hot weak tea and I also make sure I eat.

  27. When I am not feeling good I try to rest and drink plenty of fluids, like tea and lemon infused water. I like to eat chicken noodle soup or toast. I always get the flu shot at the drugstore in the fall and find it really helps to prevent the cold/flu. #ShoppersFlu 🙂

  28. Beyond feeling sorry for myself LOL, usually chicken noodle soup does the trick. If it’s not homemade must be liptons.